End ghost (unpaid account) datacore production (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: End ghost (unpaid account) datacore production
  • Raised by: TeaDaze
  • Submission Date: 11 April 2010
  • Issue ID: ???


Inactive (unpaid) accounts continue to accumulate research points which when the account is reactivated allows people to obtain a large amount of datacores.

Problem Impact: Done on a large scale, a person could have numerous accounts loaded with 3 characters each that produce datacores to the tune of 350+ million per month in passive income. In itself this is not a problem; the problem is that the person could stop paying for the account and still continue to receive the passive income. Typically, these accounts are dormant for around 6 months to a year, at which time the owner re-activates them and cashes in the datacores. Earning billions of isk for the cost of a single GTC.

A similar issue (ghost training) was resolved a few years back.

Potential Solution[edit]

  • Stop characters from gaining research points using the same system that stops ghost training a few days after an account goes inactive.


  • Gives a benefit to active players
  • Could make datacores more valuable


  • Could cause issues with invention costs if datacore prices raise too much

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Meeting Minutes[edit]


Passed 9/0