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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Pattern Clarc
  • Submission Date: 2008/12/3
  • Issue ID: 0201-11-0107


There's a lot of empty real estate in the solar systems in zero - zero that could have been developed. Why all this time and effort into generating one type of instancing area as opposed to developing 0.0 solar systems into something richer in content.

Beyond passive sources of income, npc agents and the odd roaming plex. A 0.0 system an really only support 4 players before efficiency drops. Compared to Dodixie, of an average 200 pilots, 70% of which are using the resources of a single station, with relatively no risk, and at a higher efficiency (more isk per hour) - this imbalance in actively harvested resources boggles the mind.


See the very thread Oveur created circa 2005 (below)
I'd suggest a sit down session, similar to the one had with the POS exploit (with much fewer devs and lasting a lot less time - with questions and answers generated ahead of schedule) in which we could have a discussion into why eve is moving the way it is and to whether or not environments will ever be added into EvE. Combined with a dev blog and a raw roadmap based on the meetings findings, this would finally help to .


  • A sit down session is good CCP PR, with a lot of topics linking back to making POS warfare better
  • Good CSM PR, making us look like we're actively tackling the big issues


  • Needs development time.

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