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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Faction Items are special items that are issued by the different factions. They are often, but not always, better in some ways than the corresponding Tech 2 or best named items. While these items have no specific marker like Tech 2 items to distinguish them from the Tech 1 versions, they have a meta level between 6 and 9 (inclusive), and are easily recognized by having a distinctive name prefix related to the faction.

These items can either be bought in the loyalty point store of the respective faction, or - for pirate factions - found in the wrecks of special ships with the same prefix as the modules of the respective faction.


Most of the major factions issue their own modules, recognizeable by their name prefix.

Faction Prefixes
Prefix Faction
Ammatar Navy ... Ammatar Mandate
Caldari Navy ... Caldari State
Dark Blood ... Blood Raiders
Domination ... Angel Cartel
Dread Guristas ... Guristas Pirates
Federation Navy ... Gallente Federation
Imperial Navy ... Amarr Empire
Khanid Navy ... Khanid Kingdom
Republic Fleet ... Minmatar Republic
Shadow Serpentis ... Serpentis
Sisters ... The Servant Sisters of EVE
Syndicate ... The Syndicate
Thukker ... Thukker Tribe
True Sansha ... Sansha's Nation


Some factions also issue better versions of the standard ammunition types. Often, there are three different steps above the T1 ammo. The first improvement step (+6.25% damage) is issued by an pirate faction, the second (+12.5%) is issued by an empire faction, while the third (+16.7%) is issued again by a pirate faction. The different kinds of ammunition can be distinguished by the prefix again.

Ammunition Prefixes
Type Damage Prefix Faction
Projectile +6.25% Arch Angel ... Angel Cartel
Projectile +12.5% Republic Fleet ... Minmatar Republic
Projectile +16.7% Domination ... Angel Cartel
Hybrid +6.25% Guardian ... Serpentis
Hybrid +6.25% Guristas ... Guristas Pirates
Hybrid +12.5% Caldari Navy ... Caldari State
Hybrid +12.5% Federation Navy ... Gallente Federation
Hybrid +16.7% Shadow ... Serpentis
Hybrid +16.7% Dread Guristas ... Guristas Pirates
Energy +6.25% Blood ... Blood Raiders
Energy +6.25% Sanshas ... Sansha's Nation
Energy +12.5% Imperial Navy ... Amarr Empire
Energy +16.7% Dark Blood ... Blood Raiders
Energy +16.7% True Sanshas ... Sansha's Nation
Missiles +6.25% Guristas ... Guristas Pirates
Missiles +12.5% Caldari Navy ... Caldari State
Missiles +16.7% Dread Guristas ... Guristas Pirates


Most factions also issue special types of ships which are often not easily recognized by their name. While the Republic Fleet Firetail is easily associated with the Minmatar Republic, the Stabber Fleet Issue makes this association a bit more difficult - and ships like the Gila require reading the ship description to figure out which faction they belong to.

Faction ships are often even better than comparative Tech 2 ships.


Finally, not quite the same as the modules and items mentioned above, most of the ships flown by the big factions will drop certain insignias and dog tags, with which can be used to prove the kill of one of their ships in loyalty point stores or data centers of the opposing factions.

For pirate factions, the name of the insignia uses a metal scheme to identify the rank of the pilot which was shot down.

Pirate Tags
Rank Pirate Dog Tag
Private Copper
Corporal Electrum
Sergeant Brass
Captian Crystal

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