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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Omber Zombie
  • Submission Date: 05 July 2009
  • Issue ID: tbd


Currently in the Factional Warfare system the only way to support a given faction is to join them (either as a solo pilot or as a corporation) and help defend your nominated faction or attack the faction directly opposed. There is currently no way to actually declare your willingness to fight a specific faction outside of joining it's directly opposed force. This issue is being raised as a possible solution to this as well as a possible solution to allowing Player Alliances access to Faction Warfare without having to join a militia itself.


As copied from the original thread: it should be possible to enter factional warfare in a fully-featured way by opposing a given faction without joining an opposing militia. In other words, a corporation or alliance should be able to declare war against a given militia and the following should then apply:

  • They are at war with all corporations in the specific militia.
  • They may attack complexes belonging to the empire of the specific militia they are declared against.
  • They may not secure complexes belonging to the empire opposed by the specific militia they are declared against.
  • They will be fired upon by NPC navy forces of the empire to which the specific militia declared against is a member.
  • Any other abilities or penalties as may exist or be developed in future that may apply to opponents of a specific militia will be available but only with respect to the faction of the specific militia declared against.
  • A given corporation or alliance should only be able to declare against one militia at a time.


  • Allows corporation & alliances to join in Faction Warfare in a limited sense without having to reconfigure the way the Faction Warfare system works significantly
  • Would stop the current issues of having specific corps within the militias being wardecced without their militia allies being able to help them out
  • more pvp for empire/lowsec based alliances that don't want to become sov holders


  • Militias wardecced by these corps/alliances would then have to deal with both the opposing milita as well as the warring groups.
  • Assuming both sides have allied forces there is no way for those allied forces to attack/defend against each other.

Other Thoughts[edit]

  • A possible standing requirement could be needed by the Allied Force to declare war on specific Militias, either positive to the directly opposed faction or negative to the faction you want to declare war on.
  • While Allied Forces are able to attack their targets complexes, maybe not allow them to capture them - in essence they are friendly mercenaries rather than directly employed by the alliance.
  • Please keep in mind this is an idea for a system to add to Factional Warfare, and while not completely fleshed out, might be a good starting point for CCP to consider how they could involve Alliances in FW.

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