Factional Warfare- Allow Counter Wardec for all Militia Corps (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Larkonis Trassler

Submission Date: 31-05-09

Issue ID: N/A


Since Factional Warfare began individual corps within the militias have been able to be targeted for aggression from people outside of the factional warfare arena. This is how it should be. The issue however is that the militia mates of the targeted corps can do nothing to help their militia mates except a counter dec of their own which, if spread around the various corps in a Militia would soon send the price of decs skyrocketing.

Militia's aren't, as CCP has stated before, meant to be alliances and as such I do not believe that the answer is to cause the war deccing of one corp to be considered a deccing of all corps. Instead I think that the best solution to this would be that if a corp decs a militia corp the other player corps within the militia are given the option to dec the aggressor back for free as the cost of the war dec is paid for by the militia itself. This would also not take a slot up on either the counter deccing corps war dec limit or the corp that initiated the aggression. This would allow the Militia corps to defend a entity at their own choice and wouldn't result in the abuses that could be seen if the militia was treated like an alliance as an entity therefore still allowing the safety experienced by corps in FW now if they so chose or allow those corps who wish to help thier friends to do so without cost or penalty beyond exposing themselves to harm.


  • Allow any Corporation within the Militia a free counter dec on a Corporation which has declared war upon a fellow Militia Corp for as long as the aggressor maintains his active war.
  • Corps who have been in the Militia for less than two weeks will not be allowed aid under this system, to prevent Corporations with an active or potential impending wardec taking advantage of the system.
  • If a Corporation within the Militia declares war upon another Corp then fellow Militia Corps will have to pay the standard fee.


  • Fosters a greater sense of belonging amongst individual Militia Corps.
  • Offers less experienced and smaller Corps within the Militia extra protection.


  • NPC Militia Corps still have no means of participating

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