Factional Warfare - Correct Medal Awards (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

This issue was sent to CCP on a personal note by Erik. It has not been voted on by the CSM.



CCP decided to reward those pilots with a medal, who participated in the effort of winning the plex war for the Caldari faction. Yay! Awesome. Some pilots really worked hard. And they achieved their goal.

However, the heuristics used to attribute the medals was not too clever : medals were given to pilots, who were in the militia at the moment of attribution. Yet, a number of pilots in the militia now did not contribute to the win. Where else other pilots had contributed to the war, but left the milita before the medal ceremony - now being without reward. In addition, CCP's news article suggested that the medals would be awarded on the 23rd, but instead they were awarded the 19th, thus not allowing veterans to rejoin the militia in time.

Response on the forums suggest that this imbalance is greater than previously assessed by CCP, when they established the simple heuristics. Not surprising, because the one of the most famous FW corporations left to join a 0.0 alliance a week before the medals were handed out.


CCP should revoke the old medal and hand out a new one on the following criterium:

Any player that held a Caldari rank (even when retired) at the date all systems were taken should be awarded a medal. This will remove the medal from the players that joined in after the fact, and award it to all that fought for the Caldari to that day, even if they left later on.

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