Factional warfare - complex spawning (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Ankhesentapemkah
Submission Date: 19-09-2008
Issue ID: 0103-03-0084


Under the present rules, complexes related to factional warfare spawn randomly, with an observed maximum of 9 per system. Once a complex has been captured, the site will respawn in a random other system.

This results in complexes cluttering up remote systems, while frontline systems can never be rendered vulnerable because eventually all complexes will have spawned elsewhere. Of course behind-the-lines actions can be undertaken to free up plexes and attempt to get them to spawn in systems players want to take, but this still results in that there will be contested systems everywhere instead of people being able to focus on specific systems.

The complexes appear to be redistributed at downtime, which will give tactical advantage to whoever manages to muster a big fleet right therafter, as illustrated in the Fall of Kourmonen, where the Amarr militia repeatedly captured complexes right after downtime.

There should be a guarantee that complexes will eventually re-spawn in all systems throughout the day. One way to accomplish this is setting up a spawner in the system, with a random interval where a new complex will be spawned. If we take a spawn mechanic of 15 minutes to 2 hours as example, this will then allow the required 20 points to capture within 3-40 hours ( (20 – 8 ) * 0.25) or ( 20 * 2 ), with an average of 18 hours ( (20-4) * 1.125 ).


Link complex spawn to system, instead of a constellation-wide spawn

  • Pros
    • Guarantees complex spawn
    • Allows frontline systems to be captured
  • Cons
    • Reduces need for mobility

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