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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Jade Constantine
Submission Date: 07-07-2008
Issue ID: 0102-01-0050


Proposal for escalation to CCP:

That the future storyline of EVE be impacted by the outcome of Factional Warfare.

We ask that the Factional Warfare mechanics be tied to the development of future storylines to reflect the victories and defeats won and lost by the players themselves on behalf of their faction militias. While rumor has it that CCP initially had no plans for the outcome of Factional Warfare territory control to impact the writing of the faction storylines, we propose that these two elements should in fact be directly related. Regular "victory conditions" could be set for the militias, and upon the achieving of those conditions, new storyline elements could be introduced based on the outcome and a new set of victory conditions implemented.

On a basic level this could be "Once Faction X controls Y space, victory is won and Z result enters the canon." Then RP organizations could fight for a specific outcome (such as the freeing of Minmatar slaves or the crippling of the Gallente economy). This would lend additional weight to the daily battles of the faction militias and give a chance for Eve players to have real control over where the storyline goes.

It would be nice to see the effects of player efforts in terms of space occupied on the storyline. Immediate effects of recognition in news stories as the tides of battle change or push forward. Not just an embedded reporter mentioning a battle here and there but a larger view of the conflict. Also a response from NPCs, empire officals, and others that are directly tied to the matter.

At the current time Amarr are having a bad time. It would be interesting to see Minmatar beat their drums and Maleatu Shakor use it for as a rallying cry. It would also be good to see a response from the Amarr. Jamyl Sarum surely has something to say.

And finally there would be an greater consequence to the whole matter and something to shoot for. If a faction ever dominated the whole of another faction or even got close, it would deserve some notice and affect things. You can see right now the progress of militias through the wonderful work of Verite Rendition's Factional Warfare Influence Map.


We would like to see Ginger and company do the work they do best and make it for people who get their hands in factional warfare achieve something they can substantiate. Everyone dreams of affecting the game. We believe that 0.0 empires are a result of this. People dream of putting up outposts and large invisible borders. Giving the empire crowd a way to affect the game directly would be something special. And with it's roleplaying nature, giving people an outlet to achieve something through factional warfare that everyone can see would be great.

Potential Solutions[edit]

  • Develop branching plot outlines to cover eventualities – this will likely involve hiring additional writing staff. Ensure that the outcome of FW in-game (ie who has which systems at the end of an arbitrary (say six month?) period will be referenced and the basis for next large scale plotline developments.
  • This can of course lead to “underdog” factions that are “losing” faction warfare in space and in the background. There needs to be incentive for players to play as underdogs and perhaps there could be a multiplier on eventually loyalty point rewards for playing in an outnumbered and losing faction (representing additional resources channeled into that arena by the owning npc government.

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