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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:FCON Logo II.jpg
Name Fidelas Constans Alliance
Ticker FCON
Type Republican Oligarchy
Founded January 30, 2009
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Tarkinius(CEO)

Angelica Divine, Yomod(Vice-CEOs)

Diplomat(s) Orion Guardian, Necr0n 99
Public Channel FCON Diplo
Website [ ]
Executor FCON Aerarium Militare
Members 12 Steps Academy

1st Steps Academy


AGM Incorporated


Black Scorpions Inc


CBC Interstellar

Cloak and Daggers


Deutsche Lichtbringer AG



Every Man for Himself


FCON Aerarium Militare

FCON Mantica Conlegium

Full Spectrum Inc

Gladius Veritatis

Grey Templars

House of Praetor

IX Legio Hispana Aquila

Ignis Lumine

Illuminiation Association

Jelly Baby Corporation

Lethal Fleet

Lightspeed Enterprises

Lords 0f Justice

Machiavellian Empire


November 17th



Patriarch Of Destruction

Peoples Liberation Army (P.L.A)

Salvage and Mining Consortium

Ship Trading Company

Silver Guardians

The Dream Team

The Dutch East India Company

The Dysfunctionals

The Founding Four

The Great All-Seeing EyE

The Northern J3WS

The Northern Navy Shipyard

The Pack



Warp Mechanics

Mission Statement[edit]

The Fidelas Constans Alliance, above all else, values an atmosphere of active participation, co-operation, and community to achieve its common goal. To become the best.

We promote collaboration and camaraderie amongst our pilots. We are a PVP null-sec alliance, and prefer all our members to live in null. Industrialists need to be combat capable as well, there should never be an exception to combat readiness.

We are NBSI

Our objective is to create a sustainable and coordinated military presence in Branch to stand ready to assist our allies and the overall Imperium Coalition. We accomplish this through coordinated regional defense to keep our spacelanes clear, a robust scouting network for early warning of GFs 'gud fights' and routine deployments to assist unworthy alliances in their desire to failcascade.


YC 111[edit]

At the beginning of YC 111 (2009) Fidelas Constans was formed by a group of corporations in the Providence area. These corporations shared the same goals and were looking for a more active environment than their previous alliances. In a relatively short time, FCON established itself as a competent force in the Providence area, taking an active part in patrolling the main thoroughfares, and forming defense fleets against enemy incursions into the Providence and Catch regions, in close collaboration with local Holders and resident alliances.

Since its inception, FCON grew substantially, adding new pilots and capabilities, and more than tripling its membership while in Providence . While FCON's focus was military and policing duties, FCON had been also steadily building an industrial and logistics infrastructure to support these activities, including capital ship manufacturing.

Mid YC 111 (summer 2009) saw a series of wars being declared by various red alliances, and corporations, most notably Ushra’Khan, during which FCON acquitted itself well.

YC 112[edit]

Like all good times, this came to an end with the gathering of the former Southern Coalition forces and the invasion of Providence . Early YC 112 (Jan/Feb 2010) FCON participated in the defense of Providence against the combined former Southern Coalition forces. Despite strong resistance to the attacks including a valiant fight against the combined might of -A- and Atlas in their home system, 9-F0B, FCON could simply not stand alone against an enemy force five times its size and its first and only outpost was lost. But FCON was not done and continued to fight against the Southern Coalition, staging a guerrilla warfare campaign against the aggressors and their installed pets.

Several months had gone by while FCON searched for a new home to establish itself. Although hunting the weak alliances in Providence provided entertainment, it was not a sustainable position for an alliance with its focus on grand achievements. Talks began with the former Northern Coalition around the first quarter of YC 112 and FCON relocated to Placid to begin its new invasion into red held territory in Pure Blind. Once again FCON was tested as it battled to establish itself in a defensible system. This time the hostiles were the combined forces of Ev0ke, Ewoks, Atlas and former IT & friends alliances. FCON played a timezone war against ev0ke and quickly taught them that FCON was no pushover alliance.

Not a stranger to living in less than “ideal” space and always craving action and PVP, FCON quickly stepped up to the plate and began hitting back hard at the hostile invaders.

Skaarl, one of the former FC stars in FCON, pioneered an all bomber force with Manks Girl, the former Lead FC, against hostile POSes which were mostly fit against a capital force and had next to no defense against small ships. Ev0ke and their pets, ewoks, while mostly skilled in capital and super capital blobs, were mostly ineffective when using subcaps which gave FCON the advantage, engagement after engagement. Soon the red tide was pushed back and FCON was once again established in nullsec and able to grow.

FCON grew substantially in its new home, working hard to support its allies, but still aiming for grander things in Eve.

Mid YC 112 (Aug 2010), the founding CEO, Lupus Aurelius, retired. Though a process for election of a new Senior Consul had been put in place, and a transition team formed for the interregnum, the alliance leadership was taken over in a unilateral action by one of the members of the transition team, Renarri. Initially accepted by the membership, it became evident over time that improprieties and abuse of office had occurred. Renarri was more interested in surrounding himself with riches, rather than enhancing FCON.

YC 113[edit]

In February YC 113 (2011), this had become so endemic that the founding CEO transferred shares still in his possession to one of the members of the transition team that was CEO of one of the founding corporations, Chokta, so to bring FCON back on course to its founding ideals. FCON improved significantly after ousting Renarri. In March YC 113 (2011) FCON became a full member of the Northern Coalition, however this was not as great as they were lead to believe.

The honeymoon period had barely started when FCON was once again thrown into a fight for its existence.

The old Morsus Mihi Alliance (MM), then "executors" of the NC, embarked on a foolish campaign which overextended the NC into the Drone Regions. Based upon a rumor of a pending attack by the Drone Region Forces (DRF), the NC deployed two regions over and attempted to establish a beachhead in LXQ2-T.

Unfortunately for the NC, the DRF did not take kindly to this invasion of their RMT space and viciously fought back. Kula Kain, a major supercapital FC in the NC and resident member of MM, fell for DRF bait in Uemon, in Feb YC 113 (2011) which resulted in the loss of 10 NC titans and marked the beginning of the end of the NC. While the NC had more titans on the field, the DRF had more supercarriers. In lowsec, one cannot doomsday, so a titan is essentially a very expensive dreadnaught. After that battle, it quickly became known that MM was just a hollow shell.

Members of MM did not strive to be the best as a whole, only the best as divided parts, interested in greed and self-acquisition of assets over alliance goals. Years of unchallenged wealth and lack of alliance team-building activities, such as solo deployments, had rotted the alliance to its core. It had divided the most expensive moons and assets among the corporations, rather than keep them nationalized. There were no major alliance programs or anything at the alliance level which could create cohesion prior to the war, so it was no surprise that MM quickly saw its numbers shrink when its former ‘buffer’ alliances in Vale and Geminate (Majesta Empire, Brick Squad and RAGE) could not stand up to the DRF tide.

MM collapsed a few months later in May 113 (2011).

FCON although considered a "Full" member of the NC, quickly discovered it was just a sham to be forced to provide ships, money and defense for the fail-cascading MM. In April YC 113 (2011) FCON pulled back to Pure Blind from the frontlines and adjusted its alignment to support the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) after being disgusted with the NC’s attitude of apathy toward defense of their home space.

By June YC 113 (2011) most of the former NC had been swept aside by the DRF and FCON found itself again on the front lines, this time in its home space. The Summer and Fall of YC 113 (2011) were some of FCON’s darkest months. Daily attacks against sovereignty and high value moons stressed the members of FCON. If it were not for the steadfast resolve of a few to inspire the membership, all would have been lost. Nickator, the Skymarshal of FCON, returned to the tactics of FCON’s past. FCON went after soft targets and embraced a cheap, but effective means of waging battle. DRF logistics and POS assets were continually harassed and Nickator’s direction and tactics slowed the DRF advance in Pure Blind to a crawl.

FCON’s former enemy, ev0ke joined the DRF forces and was tasked to remove FCON from Pure Blind, while the DRF focused on the other CFC strongholds. FCON was familiar with ev0ke’s tactics, having evicted them and subsequently turned them away in two later invasion attempts. FCON was able continually repel their attempts at gaining space and greatly slow their acquisition of assets.

In the opening weeks of the Pure Blind defensive, FCON quickly secured several former Mostly Harmless (MH) systems to bolster the defense of the region. Mostly Harmless, like MM, had quickly fail-cascaded from a similar rotting of its alliance core and corruption of its leadership. Prijan Zhodane, Vice CEO of FCON and manager of its POS assets, worked closely with Nickator and maintained constant vigilance against attacks, managing to anticipate ev0ke’s targets and properly time POS assets to exit in a strong CFC timezones, drastically reducing the amount of lost income.

Nickator focused on raising the morale and activity while Prijan kept the alliance coffers full. The dedication and focus by that small leadership team, coupled with assistance from key corporations such as 1SA, PAOR, and CIRAD, helped to inspire all of FCON’s CEOs to hold the line and keep their corp members in the fight, which allowed FCON to surge in fleet numbers at some of its darkest times.

Ev0ke’s invasion attempts were foiled again and again for weeks and soon their efforts diminished. This only allowed FCON to become stronger, moons lost to the DRF were liberated to FCON when they were attempted to be passed to ev0ke. Ev0ke logistics were constantly harassed, requiring them to provide active defense in their staging systems.

The DRF had grown weary of being repelled from FCON, FA and GSF space and decided to crush the CFC capital system, VFK-IV. The Siege of VFK brought about a turning point in the war. The DRF had hired Pandemic Legion (PL) as mercenaries and brought them along with the bulk of Ev0ke and White Noise for a final siege of VFK. Minimal resistance was put up to entice the DRF to move in force into VFK. Once they had set up staging towers and happily parked the majority of their supercapital force, the trap was sprung.

It was late in the Russian time zone when Bubbles (Anchorable Warp Disruption Spheres) were hastily erected around hostile POSes to hold hostiles inside, trapping supercapitals and sub-capitals alike. The CFC put out a call to all allies for a final stand in VFK and numbers were daily higher than Jita, 1,500-2,000 average.

Realizing too late about the trap, the DRF were helpless to stop the resulting reinforcing of their staging towers which were caged in bubbles. Hellcamps were organized for round the clock monitoring of towers for hostile login.

The DRF mounted several fleets, from AHACs (Heavy Assault Cruisers, armor fitted) to conventional battleship doctrines. Using "AlphaFleet" Maelstrom fleets, backed up by Scorpion ECM battleships, the CFC repelled the invaders, repeatedly pushing them out of VFK, and the systems beyond.

DRF assets fell by the hundreds. Logged out for days, capital, supercapital and subcapital forces would trickle in, only to find their safe tower gone and surrounded by hundreds of killmail hungry CFC pilots.

After weeks of hellcamping, the DRF approached the CFC with an offer to withdraw to Tribute and have a ceasefire across all CFC regions in exchange for the ability to extract their supercapitals. The DRF needed their supercapital might back at home in the eastern drone regions and after terms were accepted, left quickly.

The CFC had won.

Fidelas Constans along with other CFC entities were awarded for their assistance in VFK-IV. FCON gained three constellations in Pure Blind, making it the dominant sovereignty holder.

In the late Fall of YC 113 (2011) FCON joined an invasion of Delve and Querious, initially as a lone deployment, it quickly turned into a full CFC deployment. A longstanding enemy of FCON, Atlas Alliance, was currently residing in Querious and several remnants of the old NC were attempting to hold Delve. FCON, given a chance to finally crush the first enemy it knew, jumped at the chance to burn Querious to the ground while the CFC focused on Delve.

Nickator pioneered a new combat Tengu fleet and used it to great success in the deployment. Atlas watched helplessly as its fleets were bested time and again by FCON's finest pilots. Eventually morale was so low in Atlas that it had to call on its allies to wage its battles. While just stalling the inevitable, FCON quickly brushed aside the hostile fleets and former Atlas assets and moons were turned over to FCON corps. FCON had decimated its former enemy. Having never forgotten the day when Atlas attempted to lord over them in Providence, justice and payback had finally come.

In November of YC 113 (2011), FCON began preparations for the winter campaign to remove White Noise from Branch. With the nerf of supercaps coming in that expansion, the CFC was finally on equal terms as the DRF allies, White Noise and NC(dot).

YC 114[edit]

Sights were set on Branch and FCON, which had always desired a more fertile territory, exploded into Branch, spearheading the Christmas invasion of Branch. Having met little resistance, Branch fell in record time. By the end of January, YC 114 (2012) Branch had fallen. Footage of this campaign is available in the documentary located here: [1]

Starting a metric which repeated itself in every major fight since the Branch invasion, FCON was the top participant and was rightly rewarded. This allowed it to obtain four constellations to trade for the five constellations it owned in Pure Blind, while less space, the potential value was much higher.

FCON quickly grew in its new home, adding on several PVP corporations. The Northern Purge however was not complete. Tenal still remained in DRF allied hands and needed to be liberated from Raiden aggression. FCON once again joined the ranks of the CFC and Tenal also fell with very minimal resistance.

Seeing the writing on the wall, NC(dot) forged an uneasy peace with the CFC. In time a new capitalist cartel formed with the intention of maximizing income for the CFC. OTEC was born. As a member of OTEC, being an alliance holding technetium moons, FCON helped to spike the price upwards of 200k per unit. This bumper crop helped to quickly grow FCON's assets and expanded its abilities.

Unfortunately NC(dot) being misguided and greedy felt they could grab all technetium moons for themselves. On several occasions they flagrantly violated the treaty through attacks on moons and market flooding which resulted in the dissolution of the pact and provided a new region of content for the CFC, Tribute.

A year after taking Tribute from the NC, NC(dot) were wiped from the region. FCON battled for top participation in all engagements, having the most active combat members relative to alliance size out of the rest of the CFC. FCON was awarded additional moon assets and space for its participation, which allowed it to expand its alliance programs of SRP, Capital and Supercapital SRP and Supercapital subsidies.

FCON established a record for being one of the longest surviving alliances in Pure Blind, surviving a record of four major invasions meant to remove it. It then grew into Branch and helped to spearhead several major offenses, the taking of Branch, the liberation of Tribute, the purifying of Fountain, Delve and Querious (twice) and the clearing of Catch.

With origins as a small local defense force in Providence, FCON is now the envy of several alliances. Where FCON once had several enemies much larger than itself, they are now the dust beneath the heels of its pilots.

Founder Corporations[edit]

Legio V Fidelus (Executor)

United Amarr Templr Legion

Forsaken Forerunners

Right to Rebel


Pegasus Reborn Research Corporation



FCON does not support, nor oppose, the various political factions, i.e.- Gallente, Caldari, Amarr, and Minmatar. FCON welcomes all peoples to their ranks, and holds that any form of discrimination based on race is unacceptable, that a person is judged based on their actions, faith, honor, and integrity. That being said, FCON also believes in “..render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s…”, and abides by the social and political policies of the space they operate in. As stated above, we do not involve ourselves in the politics of other entities, but work to achieve an environment for our alliance that allows for freedom of our members to persue their own goals.

FCON operates as a republican oligarchy. Each member corporation’s representative has the right, and duty, to represent their corporation in the FCON administrative bodies. Each member corporation has a vote in establishing alliance goal, objectives, and operating parameters. Alliance officers exercise executive decision making to those established goals.

Rules of Engagement[edit]

Warning: We are NBSI.

You may be engaged by Fidelas Constans vessels if you meet any of the following criteria:

• You are a known enemy plain and simple

• You are a known pirate or a member of a known pirate corporation or alliance

Known Allies[edit]

• Imperium

Known Enemies[edit]


Northern Coalition.