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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Ankhesentapemkah
  • Submission Date: 12 June 2010
  • Meeting ID: 5.003
  • Issue ID: tbd


Fix Factional Warfare

With 14 FW-related issues raised by the CSM in the past, and almost all of these issues still being relevant, it is time to discuss the future of Factional Warfare and propose a realistic approach to improve the future of this aspect of the game.

Why is Factional Warfare Worthy of Devtime?

Factional Warfare acts as a bridge between playstyles, and fulfills a niche PVP role within the game. Individual players can easily contribute and participating does not require a large investment in ships. Due to this low barrier to entry, it provides a casual way for new players and carebears alike to get introduced to PVP and lose their fear of low security space.

Factional Warfare is not just beneficial for individual players, it is a great platform for corporations as well. Soloplayers engaging in FW will quickly find and join FW-related corporations. Corporations that tire of their playstyle often find the casual PVP of FW a nice temporary activity before moving on to another area of the game.

Short Term Improvements

These are relatively small issues in urgent need of improvement, which will dramatically increase FW playability and enjoyment. Currently, FW is broken at the core. Fixing these issues will provide a stable foundation to build on.

  • Bug and Exploit fixes (detailed list will be provided to CCP)
  • Encouraging PVP in FW missions and complexes
  • Balancing FW-related NPCs in missions and complexes
  • Fixing the complex spawn system to make complexes spawn at all times during the day

Mid Term Improvements

These issues require some more commitment from CCP, and help retain player interest in FW over longer periods of time.

  • Running FW-related live events (fix above issues first!)
  • Adding ways for players to know when systems are being contested, letting players find and fight eachother
  • Roleplaying-alliances joining FW?

Long Term Improvements

These improvements require considerable devtime. Some of these were originally on the table when FW was designed but never made it in-game. These improvements expand on the foundation FW has laid, and make FW appeal to more players and have more meaningful consequences in the game.

Add more ways to contest space

  • Add PVP-related missions
  • Add consequences to system occupancy
  • Tie more playstyles into the FW system
  • Integrate Pirate Factions into FW


Prioritize FW improvements accordingly, and reserve a development slot for the ones that have the best cost/benefit ratio. This needs to be discussed in detail with CCP.


  • Drastical short-term improvements to the FW gameplay experience
  • Provides a solid framework to expand on later
  • Potentially improves the new player experience
  • Provides a better opportunity for players to get introduced to casual PVP


  • Might be too-little-too-late, a lot of FW players have already left due to years of neglect

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For/Against: 3/4 (Against: Mynxee, TeaDaze, Trebor Daehdoow, ALPHA12125)