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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



It is currently all to easy for a player to save his ship in many circumstances when jumping into a gatecamp or having hostiles appear on grid. When a player quits the game without any active aggression countdowns his vessel will emergency warp and disappear from space after 60 seconds. If he is warp scrambled his vessel will not emergency warp but disappear after 60 seconds. If the player was held in space before disappearing when he logs back in he will re-appear in space as if he had emergency warped away and warp back to the original spot where he logged off.

Problems occur when a player logs out immeadiately after logging back in. Upon reloging in he will warp back to his emergency warp point, essentially creating an 'instant safe spot'. The effect is cummulative and a new point will be created for each log in/out attempt. A player who does this multiple times in quick succession is almost impossible to narrow down with a good prober unless he is in a capital ship.

Possible Solutions[edit]

  • If you lose connection or Ctrl+Q, events occurr as they do currently.

If they log back in entering the game on the same character and then Ctrl + Q again within the next two minutes of that logon the account gets flagged by the server as one potentially suffering connection issues.

If the player then logs back in and enters the game on the same character that they did previously and then logs off or Ctrl + Q's within two minutes of logging on, then the following happens.

- If they attempt to logon and enter the game on that character, within 15 minutes of the last Ctrl + Q they are presented with the message:

'Dear Pod Pilot, we believe you may be having issues with your neural uplink and you are having trouble maintaining a connection. For your safety, you will be unble to enter the game on 'X' character for the next 15 minutes while we perform essential maintenance and diagnostics. We suggest invetigate the eventuality that your connection may be damaged or inoperable in this time, or make a nice cup of tea'

  • A player who logs out but recieves agression before his ship disappears will recieve a full 15 minute agression timer and will not disappear in that time. Unless a player logs off at an obvious spot or in an area where probes are already present it is unlikely for him to be probed within 60 seconds.
  • When a player logs out he will become 'anchored' to that point in space and will ALWAYS warp back to that point and his emergency warp point will remain constant.
  • The 60 second remain in space timer is cummulative, so if a player logs out, immeadiately logs back in then relogs his total time in space will be 120 seconds.


  • The CTRL-Q to escape combat mechanic will become all but defunct.


  • A small percentage of players with legitimate connection problems may lose more ships when operating in hostile space

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