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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
  • Submission Date: 19 July 2009
  • Issue ID: tbd
  • Implemented in: Incursion 1.0.0


Ever since the missile patch, rockets have performed terrible. This is mainly due to their low explosion velocity (85m/s), while rockets are almost always fit to frigate sized ships and used to fire at (fast moving) frigate sized targets.


Drastically increase the explosion velocity of all rockets. Rockets are a niche combat system, mostly used by new players and on a select few (and impopular) small hull T2 ships. As such this change will mostly benefit new players and hopefully fix the popularity of the affected T2 ships somewhat, without being a serious risk of imbalance.

It has also been suggested that the clip size of rockets is increased somewhat. Due to a rocket launcher's high rate of fire a ship can quickly deplete its rocket clips. Other short range weapons (blasters, autocannons) have much larger clips. This allows a ship using these weapons to do significantly more damage before it needs to reload (a slow process in a PvP situation).

Using all level 5 skills and one damage mod having reload time included and not included:

3x 150mm Autocannon on a Jag - 133dps / 141dps (94.3%) versus 4x Rockets on a Hawk - 109dps / 123dps (88.6%)


  • Rockets wont suck as much
  • Ships using rockets may not suck as much either (Flycatcher, Heretic, Hawk, Vengeance, etc)


  • None

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