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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Template:Fiction The foreign relations of the Khanid Kingdom aren't shape in form of ideological goals. It is more related to a pragmatism, as to fixed values. The Kingdom is recognized as a minor power in global affairs, with the long term goal to become a great power. In general can be said, that it tries to establish itself under the big four, as the smallest but equal partner. It would make the current four player dance — the stately quadrille — to a five player act. Which would change the balance of power in a way, which would give the Kingdom more weight on the international parquet.

It should be said: The New Eden balance of power is an international relations concept that applies historically and currently to the nations of the cluster. It is often known by the term 'Great Power System'. The ultimate objective Is to maintain the balance of power and to stop any one alliance or country becoming too strong. The current balance is that the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire are allied against the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Republic. Notable is that the Kingdom, unlike the empire factions, isn't in any war currently.

Empire Factions[edit]

Caldari State[edit]

The closed partner to the Khanid government is the State, to no other nation has the Kingdom such a good relation (Standing: Good 4.5). The State is important safety-wise — as they had even helped Dark Amarrians a bit by their RKN ships designs,<ref>NPC Corporation Description: Royal Khanid Navy</ref> as well as economically. The Kingdom’s largest trade partner in many lucrative industries, including the technology sector is the Caldari State. The interconnectedness of caldari and Khanid companies is very high, and the past has clearly displayed that both parties are in a high rate of interdependence.<ref name=NKT>News: Khanid Transport submits Investigation into Kingdom Economic Woes:</ref>

As for the reconciliation of the Kingdom and Empire, which happend in YC111; the overall tone of the Caldari leaders and their official comments was quite positive. Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola and Lai Dai CEO Alakoni Ishanoya even held a joint press conference at Ishukone headquarters in Malkalen, where the two had been meeting for several days. “I am always glad to see friends put aside their difficulties and try to forge a more prosperous future together,” said Reppola. “While this will no doubt be of great benefit to the State, the true measure of its value will be what improvements it brings to the subjects of both the King and the Empress.”<ref name=newsCKA>News: Caldari look at Khanid-Amarr reconciliation as opportunity:</ref> This comments are less shocking, than both megacorporations have large shares on khanid companies.

Amarr Empire[edit]

Khanid Prime VII - Moon 2 - Khanid Works Shipyard

The Kingdom had at first a rocky relationship with the Amarr Empire. Their diplomatic history has seen its share of ups and downs,<ref>News: Ministry of War issues apology - rogue pilots outlawed:</ref> though they are on good terms today (Standing: Good 0.5). Their relation started with Kingdom's secession and the subsequential 'Open Warfarel'. This conflict slipped over the years into a cold stalemate, and as the Amarr-Khanid conflict cooled off a two-sided acceptance of the status quo emerge.

In YC 111 June 7th, the reconciliation of the Kingdom and Empire took place, Jamyl I maded a historic announcement, officially granting the Khanid Kingdom a full seat on the Privy Council. Given partially in return for the Kingdom's assistance in capturing Dochuta Karsoth, the Kingdom in turn agreed to acknowledge Jamyl I as the empress of Amarr. The Kingdom remained independent, but entered into a mutual defense pact with the Empire. In this pact the Kingdom will continue to field its own navy, which means no intergovernmental military administration<ref>Which means neither a 'Supreme War Council' or 'Entente Command', nor a 'Combined Chiefs of Staff Office' or 'Commander-in-Chief of Allied Force' was formed or will be formed.</ref> was formed or will be formed.<ref>News: Khanid Kingdom granted Privy Council seat:</ref>

Gallente Federation[edit]

The relations between the Kingdom and the Federation are rather bad (Standing: Bad -1.0). During the early years of contact between the Federation and Kingdom, several slave raids were conducted on the Federation's citizens. These raids were conducted by the Khanid Kingdom, which used the mutual suspicion and hostility between the Empire and Federation to cloak their actions. These days, the bulk of Federation citizens are unafraid of being enslaved. Numerous CONCORD-enforced treaties protect them from the threat of Kingdom slavers.<ref name=GFS>Slavery. Gallente Federation. History:</ref> Another negative factor is the fact, that Khanid II himself has a Gallentean — a former pop-star — as his personal slave, something he finds highly amusing but makes the Gallenteans frothing at their mouths.<ref name=kingdom>Chronicle: The Khanid Kingdom:</ref>

The reconciliation of the Kingdom and Empire — which happened in YC111 — saw many negative acknowledgements inside the Federation. The Political Science Department at the University of Caille even stated in an official statement regarding the apparent thawing of relations between the Khanid Kingdom and the Amarr Empire as, "a worrying development on the international scene."<ref name=newsGS>News: Gallente scholar describes Khanid's recent trip to Dam-Torsad as a 'worrying development':</ref>

Minmatar Republic[edit]

The Kingdom, as former part of the Empire, inherited the bad relations with the Republic, which is less surprising as it supports slavery and that the former emperor Damius III was a Khanidites (Standing: Bad -5.0).

The Khanid King himself had few years ago decreed, that all travelers flying through Khanid space; which are in any way affiliated with the Minmatar Republic, must pay an extra sum of credits over the standard tolls imposed on every other traveler. This was done to pay for the increased budget of the kingdoms security forces, which he claims was raised because of a 'terrorist acts' committed in the Kingdom. These acts were actually committed by the Minmatar Freedom Fighter organization and in no way supported by the Minmatar Republic, although the matari leaders did not condemn the attacks either as they were meant to force the Khanid to release a number of high profile Minmatar slaves which they illegally kidnapped from a few outlying Minmatar solarsystems many years ago.<ref name=missionTKN> Mission Description: The Khanid Nobleman</ref>

The formal reconciliation between the Amarr Empire and the Khanid Kingdom took New Eden's diplomatic community largely by surprise, the same can be said about the Minmatar military establishment. Some officials admitted to be surprise at the nature of the move, Chief Scout Vir Honn of the Republic Fleet's Surveillance division nevertheless suggested that, beyond the technical details, it amounted to "business as usual." said Honn. "For instance, the Audesder-Kenobanala border situation involved Khanid Kingdom forces from the very outset."<ref name=newsBaU>News: 'Business as Usual' say Minmatar Military in response to Amarr-Khanid unity:</ref>


Foreign relations towards the minor factions can best be described as mixed. The closest ties are with the Mordu's Legion and Ammatar Mandate. The latter attracted some private investor<ref name=newsAM>News: Empress Jamyl places Ammatar Mandate under Ardishapur vassalage:</ref> and voluntary auxiliary troops, which serve in the Fort Kumar.<ref>Fort Kumar:</ref>

The Kingdom has as CONCORD-partner hostile relations towards the pirate factions. The interstellar pirates like the Serpentis, Guristas and Angel Cartel appear to have by comparison a slightly better relation, on the other hand the relations are heavily shattered towards Sansha's Nation and the Blood Raider Covenant.

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