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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



The EVE forums have recently undergone two changes, one technical and one policy, which have increased the frustration of the player base.

The first issue was the implementation of a 5 minute cool down timer posts designed to combat external link spammers. While it fixed the problem it was designed to fix, it has chilled normal player activity on the forums.

The second issue was a much more aggressive approach taken by the forum moderators resulting in high numbers of deleted posts. Particularly noticable in the context of some of the Dominion dev blogs, accusations were made that moderators were censoring dissent.


  • Shorten the cool down timer between posts
  • Increase transparency and accountability regarding forum moderation


  • Increased usability of the forums
  • Happier players
  • More trust between player base and CCP


  • Will impose more demands on the moderators

Relevant Forum Threads[edit]

  • Assembly Hall

  • Dominion Capital Ships dev blog

CSM Meeting Minutes[edit]


Passed 9/0