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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Darius Johnson
Submission Date: 29-03-2008
Issue ID: to be indexed


The CSM was very surprised a few months ago to discover that the forum moderation team had placed itself beyond the purview of the CSM. The reasoning behind this was stated by Wrangler as being that the CSM is meant to deal with game issues and the forums are somehow separate from this. I move that this is a farcical conclusion, and that the forums are very much a part of the game. If that is not the case then why have forums at all? Why maintain them? Why have forums based on the game if they provide no benefit or have no impact on the game?

Alliances and corporations do indeed action based on what happens on the forums. As such I say that the forums are very much a part of the game and the forum moderation team is just as in need of the CSM's oversight as anything else.

'Treat the forum moderation team just like the GM team for CSM purposes'

  • Pros
    • The "community" team will fall under the same oversight regarding the CSM as everyone else.
  • Cons
    • unknown

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