Forum option to toggle profanity filter (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: mazzilliu
  • Submission Date: Sunday october 18th 16:00
  • Issue ID: tbd


The current forum profanity filter impedes communication. While we understand CCP needs the filter there for content ratings purposes, logged in users with a verified age above a certain amount ought to be able to turn off the profanity filter.

Logged in users can already get around the filter by logging in and quoting the censored post, but it's a poor workaround especially when you can't quote locked threads at all.


Add an option, to be displayed with the other forum options such as the signature, selected character, display images, etc. that allows users to turn off the profanity filter. the filter should remain on by default and always on for logged off people as well.


  • people whos minds are already corrupted can see all the swear words they want.
  • Allows people to more easily work around the impediment in communication the filter causes
  • innocent 8 year olds that play eve(???) and public viewers still dont see swear words.


  • resources requires to implement the feature

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Passed 8/0