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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: LaVista Vista
Submission Date: Aug 2008
Issue ID: 0102-08-0075


There was recently a post about streamlining the eve-online forums. Sadly, there was a few unwanted changes:

  • The loss of techlab(API Discussion)
  • The Crime and Punishment forum description is misleading

"Piracy, scams, mercenaries, and more. Carebears beware; C&P invokes the dark side of EVE's nature."

  • The market discussion description doesn't really tell what it's all about:

"Share stock tips or get the inside scoop on trading."(Notice it's the current description)

  • EVETV forum - Unless the tournament is completely dead, are we supposed to spam all our questions to StevieSG on the general discussion forum?
  • Player gathering and events is not a gameplay area. It should be in the communication center
  • (Added) Don't merge the Events and the forum should NOT be merged with the player gathering forum.

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