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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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Name Foundati0n
Ticker FDN
Founded November 17th, 2005
Status Inactive, Disbanded
Contact details
Alliance CEO Lord Maldoror (2008-2009)
G0RG0N (2005-2008)
Diplomat(s) Space Chutney, Edensson, Time 3290(2009)
KnightstarNC, Jackaryas (2008-2009)
TrojanFresh (2007-2008)
Public Channel None
Executor foundation holding corp
Members 1st Brigade Of Danes
A1 Mega Corp
Association of Commonwealth Enterprises
Australia and New Zealand Eve Corp
Bio-Logik Tribe
Borderlands Corp
Caldari Construction LTD
Ceryshen Interglobal Technologies
CSS Ltd.
Dopehead Industries
Enterprise Estonia
Equilibrium Inc.
Eve's Brothers of Destiny
Fairlight Corp
First Clan Corp
Free Space Initiative
Fringe Exploration And Salvage Trust
Ghosts of Ragnarok
Hanys Mining and Industrial Services
House of Stark
Huang Yinglong
Jion Keanturi
Laurifer Militis
LoneStar Industries
Nihil Nation
Order of the Lost Souls
Relentless Storm Cartel
R.H. Umbrella Corporation
Star Frontiers
The BlackHand Order
The Elear
The Paratwa
The Suicide Kings
Trogdor Burninators
Trans Nebula Inc.
Trans-Solar Works
Unitas Nusquam Est
Universal Exports
War Whores
Wildlands Heavy Technologies

Foundati0n was an NRDS alliance formed in November 2005 and disbanded in April 2009. The alliance which was based out of Great Wildlands for its entire existance and built a firm reputation for its extensive use of capitals to the displeasure of many of its enemies over the years. Many observers noted the huge range of corporations that Foundation had of various sizes and highlighted the difficulty with which organization and logistics must have been.


Its stance of anti-piracy and NRDS meant FDN had involvement in the neighbouring region of Molden Heath a low-sec area known for its famous anti-pirate efforts, groups such as Beyond Divinity and Infinitus Odium frequently fought FDN and allies such as Namtz'aar k'in in the region.



The Great Wildlands region was largely held by Veritas Immortalis, along with Scalding Pass. Foundation fleet presence was limited to roaming gangs and camping the famous entrance to the region, 7Q.

At one stage FDN lost access to all three stations in Great Wildlands, traditionally basing from N-DQ and the V-IH pipe.

Both Veritas and Foundation gained an ally in the wildlands as events culminated towards the end of the year; Imperium Alliance stepped in to provide more numbers and pressure on Veritas and INFOD also moved to the region in an attempt to defend Veritas while the bulk of the alliance was away fighting Red Alliance with Lotka Voltera.

Fights between Foundati0n and INFOD increased towards the end of the year. Future FDN leader Lord Maldoror and fellow FC Valdor Hag joined the cause at this point, though not formally members of the alliance until 2007. Their main tactic involved dropping Maldoror's carrier alt, Alazais, onto INFOD gangs, who were using their own carrier pilots, Damige and Tassi, to good effect on groups throughout the region.

This period is well documented in Damige's "Lock N Load 5 video".

At the end of the year a climactic battle, then known as 'The battle of 7Q", saw FDN dropping Alazais onto INFOD carriers on the Khabi gate. The fight, which ended in Damige's first carrier loss, is the final engagement in his much-loved Lock N Load series (Lock N Load 6)."


During 2007 the core element of FDN was together: fleets led by Valdor Hag, G0rg0n and Alazais (Lord Maldoror) and shared command with DeeJunky (alliance CEO).

With newfound freedom in Great Wildlands, Foundati0n expanded quickly. In the middle of the year, Ev0ke alliance moved into Great Wildlands and went blue to a rebuilding Veritas Immortalis, who were at the time pushed to basing from Uanzin. With only 3 carrier pilots in the alliance (Alazais, G0rg0n and Nozaj), Foundati0n’s aggressive capital efforts had to curtailed with the knowledge that Ev0ke could readily field dozens of capitals and their titan. Nonetheless, FDN continued to fight and examples of Alazais’ carrier exploits from the period can be found in the Midsummer video

In late summer Ev0ke moved out and Foundati0n continued to grow. The main enemy once again became a resurgent Veritas Immortalis and the year ended well for Foundati0n with a climactic battle in N-DQ

The end of 2007 also represented the first dedicated period of POS warfare undertaken by Foundati0n, in an attempt to clear Great Wildlands of hostile towers

Foundati0n gained a propaganda victory by recruiting Princess Aricia, probably the most high profile player of enemy Veritas Immortalis, after befriending FDN pilots on a joint op with old enemy Tassi against Smash Alliance.


In 2008, Veritas were joined by allies Firmius Ixion, which presented new challenges for Foundati0n. By this time, Alazais’ triage tactics became a mainstay of Foundati0n battles and the battle of H-8F5Q represented the first time that Foundati0n could claim capital superiority in Great Wildlands

In the middle of the year, G0RG0N and Borderlands Corp left FDN for Faction Warfare.

This left Lord Maldoror, Valdor Hag and DeeJunky in alliance leadership but losing one of their main FCs, and main US TZ FC, in G0rg0n. Promotions up the ranks meant that Norsey took on a role as a full-time FC and did so successfully, along with other new FCs Anubis Hothyck, Redvox and Jackaryas. Due to the time consuming nature of defending an NRDS area, FCs were paid an isk wage and later appointments included Jhonen Senraedi and Dreamworks.

Anubis Hothyck of TSW would eventually rise to second in command of the alliance and his corporation’s ambitions beyond Great Wildlands would later play a factor in forming the Rooks and Kings alliance with Lord Maldoror (Alazais).

In the second half of 2008, Red Alliance dropped standings with Foundati0n and invaded Great Wildlands. This was a shock to Foundati0n, who were now up against one of Eve’s major forces, and were having control towers sieged by large capital fleets. Foundati0n had not been in the spotlight in a major confrontation before.

The alliance rallied to the cause and a series of battles finally led to a victorious fight for Foundati0n, in the defence of a Universal Exports tower, where 50 capitals were killed, at the time one of the three largest capital graveyards in the game’s history.

During the end of the year, battles with Red Alliance continued, though in generally smaller engagements and now with FDN on the attack and sieging towers. In the closing weeks of the year, Alazais made The Clarion Call: Triage Special, to lift the lid on some of the tactics that Foundati0n had been using throughout the year and had widely popularised.


Capital fleet fight over a POS in Y7-
In January FDN began working with friendly TCF forces to attack GBC assets in the south however Foundation was only directly involved in one battle in 4-EFLU in which FDN provided a large portion of the capital fleet against EXE and BOB. On the home front, Cult Of War, Foundation, and Vanguard, were defending the Great Wildlands against Red Alliance and their allied efforts in the region.

Internally another reshuffle took place with a change in diplomats and fleet commanders. The diplomat Loafer stole approximately seven billion from the alliance wallet, offlined a POS and worked with RA to steal ships inside and threatened two specific members of the alliance leadership but amounted to nothing, the character was eventually sold on.

FDN was beginning to see success in pushing RA out of the region and was able to pin and destroy a large number of Red Alliance capitals in Y7 in their attempt to defend the POS (Battle Report). Red Alliance offered FDN Scalding Pass on the terms that they were no longer hostile to each other to get involved in the bigger battle in the south, but they changed the terms limiting the area's FDN would own. This led to Operation Cartography being annouced internally, as FDN went on the offensive having pushed RA out of Great Wildlands.

The fight against Red Alliance outside of Great Wildlands, started with an effort to break RA sovereignty in 28Y- which ultimately failed. The aim changed to attack high end RA moons. FDN successfully took and defended a high end in LBC- from Red Alliance. Unwilling to use capitals after a series of capital victories for FDN, RA found the TSW tower impossible to take down with battleships and FDN ran alarm clock ops during attempted reinforcements.

RA finally called in significant allies in the form of Legion and Shadow of XxdeathxX. FDN decided not to fight this vastly larger force and returned to the Great Wildlands, where RA did not follow.

Efforts began to work with Ethereal Dawn and Intrepid Crossing against Red Alliance and their allies, however the alliance disbanded before this could really take place.

In early 2009, with GW safe but no clear prospect of campaigning outside it, the alliance disbanded due to differing ambitions for, and disagreements within, the group of players. This is well represented in the different routes taken by the various groups after FDN, as detailed below.


An official announcement on April 11th was provided and meant the closure of FDN. Many of those who wanted to continue NRDS in the Wildlands joined Republic Alliance. Those who favoured an NBSI policy but still wanted to remain in the region too, generally joined Cult Of War. The leadership of Lord Maldoror, Anubis Hothyck, Valdor Hag and DeeJunky (FDN Ceo) formed Rooks and Kings alliance, which embarked on the former’s ambitions to fight in the West.