Fountain Alliance (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Fountain Alliance was an Alliance based around the Fountain region. Established on 24.11.106 (EST), it merged with NORAD to form RISE.

File:Alliance fountain.jpg
Name Fountain Alliance
Ticker FA
Type 0.0
Founded 24.11.106
Status Inactive
Contact details
Alliance CEO TornSoul
Diplomat(s) N/A
Public Channel None
Website [N/A ]
Executor BIG
Members None

Alliance History[edit]

The Fountain region saw the formation of one of the first alliances to be created, Fountain Alliance (FA). It was formed by members of friendly corporations to fight against the growing threat that two powerhouse corporations, Xanadu and Evolution, presented to the region.

After the biggest fleet battles to date at that time the alliance was created with the two warring factions forming an alliance headed by CEO of Xanadu. After 9 months of existence, many corporations that were part of the Fountain Alliance left due to lack of organization and tensions between differing corporations in the alliance, and the alliance leadership was reformed.

Member List[edit]

Late-EST 106 at the alliance's peak:

4S Corporation
Aggressive Faction Defence Technologies
Anodyne Corporation
Black Avatar
Cold Fusion Inc.
Damage Industries (Formerly Damage Inc.)
Elite Academy
EVE Marshals
HUN Corp.
Imperial Guardians (Formerly Dark Empire)
Jazz Associates
New Hope Unlimited
Rage of Angels
Shattered Star Confederation
Star Tech Enterprises
SH Brotherhood
The SMITE Brotherhood
Tycho Heavy Industries
X-Factor Industries

Previous notable members:

Cutting Edge Incorporated

Traditional Allies[edit]

Stain Alliance - FA and SA ultimately went to war but were each other's strongest allies for most of FA's history
NORAD - Protected FA's northern entrance
CFS - Originally managed FA held space in Delve, Querious and Pure Blind before rising up against FA and being defeated
FIX - Emerged from CFS's destruction. For a time Black Avatar had dual membership in FIX and FA