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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Friends Of Xenon
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    Friends of Xenon was started in 2008 as a mining and industrial corporation. The original founder decided to move on and it was inherited by Feylanna. The Corporation has moved on and changed views many times over the past few years with changes to the game and changes in political struggles in various areas of the EVE universe. Today we maintain a core group of 3 leaders and are currently looking to grow in all areas as well as looking to join another Alliance that has their shit together.

    The past has been a little bumpy for the corporation. We have been members of 2 alliances and each one has had their difficulties, mostly due to outside influences and bad decision making. We are hoping to avoid this looking toward the future, but with the way the EVE is played, there are no guarantees that this is even possible.

Disturbed Behavior[edit]

    FOXN joined Disturbed Behavior as a way to get into nullsec and get into some fleet action around the Immensea and Catch regions. This was a good set up as the Alliance had access to go roams and fleet ops against some of the Red Citizens and White Noise as well as a few Against All Authorities roams. At some point in time the over arching Alliance, Waterboard, whom Disturbed Behavior was kind of leasing space from in KDF-GY, decided that we were going to move in on some areas that Red Citizens were holding and take that space for ourselves and split it up in the two alliances. Well, needless to say, this didn’t work out exactly as planned. Disturbed Behavior was disbanded and all corps were taken into Waterboard and pilots were put under the Fleet Commanders of Waterboard.


    As part of Waterboard, FOXN mostly worked to continue their own agenda of getting POS space set up and running. Most of the time was spent gathering materials and blueprints as well as building various ammunition and Planetary Interactions to get fuel for the POSs together. Fleet operations were on the rise and Nobues took part in most of those, but they were quickly squashed when Red Legion decided to come down and kick out Waterboard, deciding that they really did want the space and they weren’t going to let it go.

    Waterboard didn’t stand a chance against the might of the whole Red Legion and Red Citizen fleets so they tucked tail and ran. This ended up with ideas of moving around to the south even further and letting KDF go. Around this point most of the leaders of FOXN had a life change and had to leave EVE for a while and were kicked from Waterboard for not being active. This really wasn’t a problem as the ideas and direction of the alliance had changed so much it just didn’t line up with FOXN’s ideas.

The Return[edit]

    After about a year of being away, two of the original members have returned. Nobues and Poostik. They have resumed what they started before the alliance mixup’s and failures and are working once again towards the vision of the corporation, as if they never left. Poostik is back at mining ore and Ice for building things, Laurallanna is working at building up here BPO stash as well as building things to help Nobues and Poostik keep going with the mining and PvP. Nobues has started working on intelligence gathering around the universe. Working on standings with the Amarr Empire and trying to find out everything there is to find out about nearby systems and nullsec space.

Current Focus and The Future[edit]

    Friends of Xenon is currently working toward various ends. We have a lot of different things we would like to accomplish and things that we would also like to stay away from. Currently we are gathering ore and ice as well as ratting and gathering intel on low sec and null sec systems.

    The future right now is open. We are working on a few ideas, but don’t want to display those ideas until they come to fruition. We hope that things work out a little better this time and we are able to move more towards the main vision of the corporation and hope to have a few more pilots to come along with us and help make this happen!

Corporation Recruitment Information[edit]

    Friends of Xenon Corporation is a very small tight knit group of people with a common vision. Though everyone goes about moving towards that vision in different ways and at different speeds, everything is corporation oriented. The main vision is to grow and experience as much of EVE as possible. This is done through industry, missions, PvP, and exploration. All of our leaders in the corps are veterans in their fields and enjoy working with people to help them learn the game of EVE.

    We are a extremely laid back group of people and have fun doing whatever part of the game we do. The majority of our group is stationed in Eastern US Time Zone.

    We are looking for new pilots who wish to learn any aspect of the game including Industry and PvP. Right now we replace any Frigate, Cruiser or Destroyer lost in roams or corporation sanctioned PvP (Hulls, not fittings). We are building our industry base to include Battlecruisers and Battleships as well. Helping to grow a corporation to the point where we can do weekly or even more often roams and mining operations of more than 20 pilots is our first goal on the road meeting our main vision.

    Mining takes place in all areas to help with industry and providing ships and ammunition to all the corps members. As we grow we are looking to implement a PvP bounty prize system as well as various programs to pay for salvage and mining done by members and possibly a corporation wide dividends program to distribute extra capital to all members each week.

    Experienced Pilots who are laid back and enjoy helping others in either Industry endeavors or PvP flights, are more then welcome also! We always like to have more experienced people to help the newbies out with us and take some of the teaching time off our shoulders so we can put more towards building the corporation for all members benefit. Also all of our members are encouraged to share ideas on making the corp better for everyone. All suggestions are taken into consideration and implemented if the leadership deems it is in the best interest of ALL members and supports the corps vision.

Requirements to join[edit]

Things we would like in a pilot[edit]

  • must be English Speaking
  • must be at least 90 days old
  • must have an API Key you are willing to share (background investigation as well as ability to help you with skill planning if requested)
  • must have a sense of humor
  • must have a desire to be part of something
  • must be friendly and want to have a good time!

Things we don’t want in a pilot[edit]

  • Self Absorbed
  • Just here for the money
  • Pessimistic
  • Whiny
  • Mean

    If you believe that you are interested in becoming part of this vision, feel free to contact Laurallanna (Industry) or Nobues (PvP) to address any of your questions and see if you will fit in to the grand plan of Friends of Xenon. We will not tolerate leeches. We have no trouble with active alts joining who wish to go down a different path than their main and make some more money, so long as they don’t have a main or other alts that are going against our vision or rules!!!! Come on and make some ISK and have some fun doing it!

    If you feel that you would be good for a leadership position, please feel free to contact us, we are looking for more leadership as well as new blood. We can’t handle everything in the corp, especially as it grows, and need the help of a few good people in various aspects of EVE.

Corporation Contact Information[edit]

DotLan FOXN Information:
FOXN Main Website (Under Construction):
FOXN Kill Board
In Game Corp Channel: FOXN
Nobues (PvP Director)
Laurallanna (Industrial Director)
Poostik (Mining Director)