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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Serenity Steele
Submission Date: 15-06-2008
Issue ID: 0102-07-0077


See also: Modular Starbase (CSM)

The current POS implementation would benefit from aesthetic, deployment game mechanic and rendering performance improvements, as well as provide an upgrade path through modules to a near-station equivalent, This is targeted for those players that do not have sufficient capability to expend or maintain control of an Outpost, Yet have a desire to experience 0.0 game-play.

Additionally, POS modules are not additive in their value (eg. 2 x corp hangars have to both be accessed separately rather than doubling volume)

Potential Solutions[edit]

2 Dimensional, Modular pos layout with more re-use of 3D model elements

The graphics shown below are to illustrate the principle and show the flexibility remaining in design with the system, rather than suggest any specific graphic design.

Extensions of the suggested solution generated in Thread

  • Implement a totally new kind of POS rather than re-vamp existing ones, with a shield rather than forcefield bubble, To enable addition of eg. Market modules
  • While the complaint that guns would be inside the shield again; why couldn't one have a small 'remote' hub to attach several turrets to on the outside of the shield?
  • It could even be a great support for Ambulation, which is supposed to give us ability to walk through space stations. Might as well give us the opportunity to scramble for your ships as your POS gets attacked or walk over to a factory process control center to set a new manufacturing job, or the likes. :)
  • Suggest enabling 2 layer stacking of modules such as corp hangar etc.
  • Having a complete network (think rail-road tycoon) in space with units connected by “pipes” to secondary towers, supply power etc.
  • Use several larger “Base models” to increase performance further.
  • Add a POS Module to Enable POS to deploy fighters

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