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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

In Gallentean democracy, which is a mixture of both direct and representative styles, there are multiple political parties that champion specific ideologies and consolidate political alliances. The two largest parties are the Progressive Party and the Sociocrat Party, but there are numerous others across the broad sweep of the Federation. Not all politicians are aligned to a party, and many are registered as independent.


Progressive Party ("Progressors")[edit]

The largest political bloc in the Federation was once championed by former President Souro Foiritan. Proponents of rugged individualism, they are against any sort of welfare state that once existed in the Federation, believing in laissez-faire politics, that all should accumulate wealth and prosperity on their own accord.

Social Democrats ("Sociocrats")[edit]

The Sociocrats, as they are called, loathe the individualistic approach of the Progressors, and advocate social equality on all levels, believing that this should be the primary responsibility of the Federal government. Sworn enemies of the Progressors, they are the second largest political party in the Federation, and were once led by former Head Senator Mentas Blaque (who now is director of the Black Eagles).

Ultra-Nationalists ("U-Nats")[edit]

The U-Nats were the fascist regime that grabbed the power reigns in the Federation after the destruction of Nouvelle Rouvenor by Caldari partisans, advocating a harsh response under the leadership of Luc Duvailer. Though ultimately being ousted from office and no longer holding much significance in Gallentean politics, they still continue to linger as a shadow of their former self. In 109, a number of Ultra-Nationalist employees of Roden Shipyards made an attempt on the life of MindClash champion Joelyn Donalokos.

The U-Nat government was responsible for originally constructing the Crystal Boulevard in Caille as a shield for a secure government bunker. The Boulevard is now a cultural icon and destination within the Federation.


A political party where Minmatar immigrants are very strong.

Federal-Populist Party[edit]

Once the political party of former 111 presidential candidate Vilard Garioss, before he proceeded to serve his Senatorial seat as an independent.

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