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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

EVE Online's Settings Menu is accessed by pressing the ESC key.

Settings can be changed for

Display and Graphics[edit]

Change Window size, graphics card Used, Camera position, UI scaling size, Graphics quality and effects rendered.

Apply must be pressed to activate changes.

Audio and Chat[edit]

Change the audio level of effects and music.

Change your EVE voice settings and the defaults for chat channels and dueling.

General Settings[edit]

Window has options listed for Into Movie repeat, context text size, In game windows, Crash reports, Station services, targets, radial menu, and lay out color.

Keyboard Controls[edit]

Shortcuts can be created for Windows, Combat, General, Navigation, Modules, Movement, Drones and Character Creator.

Reset settings[edit]

Some time clearing bugs requires a reset of cache or other settings. This can be done here.


Pick your language:English, Russian, German, Japanese, and soon French.

About EVE[edit]

All your favorite Developers are listed plus all the legal stuff.