General CSM operation (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Omber Zombie
Submission Date: 11-2008
Issue ID: 0201-03-0115


Unfortunately, most people in Eve are not aware of the CSM. In addition, the last election resulted in less votes being cast than was the case previously.

The CSM should discuss with CCP how this can be changed, and look critically at the CSM process and structure.


The community often expresses the following concerns:

  • CCP does not listen to the CSM
  • The answers returned are too short and/or show lack of commitment
  • Not enough of what the CSM has suggested is appearing in game
  • CCP does not tell if/how the CSM influenced their decissions (dev blog, patch notes)
  • No news/updates regarding the CSM
  • CSM forum is a mess
  • Unable to find information regarding the CSM, CCPs answers, latest developments, etc.
  • Issues getting repeated (partially due to the above)

Additionally, the CSM would like to discuss the following with CCP:

  • Profiling the CSM
  • CCP's opinion on the current process
  • Future plans for the CSM
  • CSM-CCP communication (in light of FW Questionnaire, PLEX discussion, POS Exploit discussion)
  • CSM Tools
  • Continuity