Goading the Leader

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Epic Mission Arc: The Blood-Stained Stars
Mission 31: Goading the Leader


Mission type: Encounter, Arc Mission
Recommended Damage:
Recommended Resists:
System: Lustrevik VII - Moon 9 - Brutor tribe Academy 0.9
Previous Mission: Mission 30: The Uses of Force
Next Mission: Mission 32: Hunting the Lieutenants

Mission Briefing[edit]



Take out the Auxiliary Power Array.

0.9 Lustrevik

Additional Information[edit]


Smuggling is one of the larger illegal industries in New Eden. Each nation in the cluster has numerous underground distribution cartels sourcing all sorts of illicit goods. Tracking the movement of ships and their cargo across borders is a monumental task that often spreads customs agents thin. For this reason, it isn’t hard for a determined smuggler to find loopholes that they can exploit in the busy shipping schedules.


200,000 credits
Bonus: 115,000 credits if completed within 6 hours
Bounties: 79,875 credits


Template:Warning On warp in all hostiles except 3 frigates and a cruiser warp away after a few seconds. Author waited about 2 minutes but those 4 (on overview as Watchman) stayed. Author destroyed the array first and once it was destroyed the smuggler structures all exploded as well. Destroyed the 4 Watchman ships and looted the cargo container from the array destruction. You do not need to destroy the ships to complete the mission. You can complete mission once the array is destroyed.

Completion Text[edit]

We caught someone trying to flee the scene; we think he knows something about the guys running this whole operation. He’s been taken into questioning. If he does know anything, we’ll have the information ourselves very shortly.