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Name Goonswarm
Ticker OHGOD
Type 0.0
Founded 2006.06.03
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Vytas Abromaitis
Diplomat(s) karttoon
Public Channel
Website [ ]
Executor Goony Hand Social Club
Members Goony Hand Social Club
Tolons Sister Whorehouse
Zanex Estates


Goonswarm was founded on 06/07/06. The alliance originally consisted of the sister corporations Goonfleet, GoonWaffe and GoonPlatoon, as well as allied corporations, since CCP had not yet seeded the Sovereignty skill. After the skill was seeded, Remedial, former Alliance Leader, merged GoonWaffe and GoonPlatoon into Goonfleet.


Allies: Historically, Goonswarm maintained close ties with Tau Ceti Federation and Red Alliance, forming the south-eastern powerbloc commonly referred to as Red Swarm Federation. Additionally during their occupation of the south-east Goonswarm worked closely with United Legion, Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate and other friendly forces.

Following the disbanding of Band of Brothers and conquest of Delve, the relocation of Tau Ceti Federation to Deklein, and schisms within Red Alliance, Goonswarm now is centred around a new south-western powerbloc consisting of themselves, Zenith Affinity and Rebellion, whilst maintaining contacts with the Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion.


Apart from Goonfleet itself and various goon alt corps, Goonswarm contains several other corps, such as Merch Industrial, Ars ex Discordia, Duragon Pioneer Group, Battlestars, DarkStar 1, Ultrapolite Socialites, Legion du Lys, Order of Elite Games, Igneus Auctorita, and the recently added Band of Brothers corporation.

Previous leaders of Goonfleet include Darius JOHNSON, Sesfan, The Mittani, NATE HAMMERTOWN, and Remedial. The current leader of Goonswarm is karttoon.

They currently hold sovereignty in Delve, Querious, and Period Basis. This can be seen on the Eve sovereignty map.

A Goonfleet is Born[edit]

The first group of Goonfleet was based out of Scolluzer where we made raids into the 6-C region of Syndicate and 3FA space. They quickly gained a reputation of crazy blobs of two week old characters flying frigates and blowing up lots of expensive hardware. Shortly after, people began using Goonfleet as a term for the tactics they were using.

During this time, mercenaries were hired to kill goons. Being the proper newbies, they were directed to leave the corp and go back to NPC corps. A chat channel was created during this time so they could operate as a pseudo corp.

The plan was to move on 3FA and base behind their main base (PC9) in the ZNO Constellation in Syndicate. Well, the plan did not go as expected. While 3FA may have been a bunch of carebears, they were rather offended that these newbies were in their space and fought back with sniping battleships which at the time goons were not prepared to take on. This later came to cause some friction between 3FA and OSS, although when a hostile POS was erected in S-U, they leapt to Goonfleet's cause, donating multiple Dreadnoughts to help take it down.

Goonfleet Goes to Syndicate[edit]

Goonfleet decided to back off of ZNO and headed back to Scolluzer for a short period of time. goons were approached by the Four Horsemen (LiH) for an NAP and accepted this because they were considered to be an excellent PvP corp and it was mutually beneficial to both corps. Goonfleet also had an influx of veterans with money who decided to finance a move to Y9G and building a small Player owned station in the system.

Y9G was at the time claimed by Clankillers (206) and they did not take kindly to our invasion. However, unlike the 3FA invasion, Goonfleet had a couple of advantages. LiH was on Goonfleet's side and brought Battleships and other support craft to help fight off 206. Also, 206 was mainly active on the weekends and primetime, leaving Goonfleet lots of time to mine crokite when they were not online.

About 2 weeks after Goonfleet invaded, 206, with the help of a few Imperium guys, destroyed the goon tower. However in the process

Right about this time, LiH left OSS Alliance to join another alliance The Big Blue across space. To fill this void, Goonfleet was invited by KHM to join OSS as trial members to take over the place of LiH in defense of OSS territory.

Goonfleet Target Practice[edit]

In November of 2005, Goonfleet started its second newbie drive, now known as the second wave. Newbies were told to apply to a new corp called "Goonfleet Target Practice" which was based out of Scolluzer, and told to carebear it up in Empire while learning how to play. Frigates and skill packs were distributed, but because all the newbies were in Empire there wasn't a lot of money to be made. Ops were organized and scheduled, but weren't entirely successful. Remedial had left Goonfleet proper to start Target Practice, and to lead the effort in Empire while other veterans were in S-U tending the fires there. Unfortunately, someone had the bright idea of having Goonfleet declaring war on Goonfleet Target Practice, which led to a bunch of scared newbies being camped in station. A bunch of Drama happened, but things eventually settled down. Newbies were then admitted to Goonfleet and made the trek to S-U. Goonfleet numbered several hundred at this time.

Christmas Camp-In[edit]

[ 2005.12.24 04:19:17 ] Zendolphin > did you guys ever engage the big Conin gang?
[ 2005.12.24 04:19:52 ] Sesfan Qu'lah > no
[ 2005.12.24 04:19:57 ] GameraChan > we picked a few off
[ 2005.12.24 04:20:02 ] Sesfan Qu'lah > they had like 7 battleships and we couldn't do anything

There followed a few months of escalating battles with (206), CONIN, and the alliance they eventually formed to chase goons out of Syndicate, Cruel Intentions. At the time, even though Goonfleet had large numbers, almost all of their membership consisted almost entirely of frigate and cruiser pilots -- mustering as many as ten battleships at once was a major achievement and something Goonfleet couldn't do without some degree of prior planning. Despite this, the various pirate alliances could tell Goonfleet was a growing threat and mounted a number of operations to try to chase Goonfleet out of Syndicate. Of special interest in this is the Christmas Camp-In, where Cruel Intentions mounted a fleet of TWENTY FIVE battleships and camped Goonfleet members in the stations all of Christmas Day. S-U was not a safe place to be. This continued until early January. After a series of critical victories (where Goonfleet destroyed as many as thirteen battleships), C-I activity died off. Despite this and other large engagements, Goonfleet managed to fend off their enemies and continued to grow. Eventually Goonfleet's enemies left Syndicate, allowing the goons to move in (Y9G) for a few weeks. goons them promptly decided, "It sucked," so they came back to the S-U area.

"WTF is Kladdkaka anyway?"[edit]

Goonfleet was requested by Tolon to send troops north to help the .5 and F-E in their war against NBSI and Phoenix Alliance. This was called the "Goonfleet Foreign Legion" and was accomplished by sending groups of goons up north to run around in frigates help out the big war.

At the time S-U was mostly peaceful, but shortly thereafter there was a brief flurry of activity when North Star Networks, one of the most "accomplished" mercenary corporations in the game and a member of the Mercenary Coalition, was hired to make trouble for Goonfleet. They proved themselves to be tremendous forum trolls and seemed to have a bizarre fascination with cake. After several fleet losses, North Star Networks called down the rest of their alliance for one last punch-up. Supposedly they were just looking for fun and claimed as much on the forums saying that it was to celebrate some anniversary or what not. The attack by the entirety of the Mercenary Coalition took OSS by surprise. The defending Goonfleet gang was wiped out on the 6-U gate in S-U and the MC fleet was free to raid the backsystems with impunity. Over the course of 4 hours the MC fleet reversed the losses that they had accumulated against OSS over the past 2 weeks. With the killboards even, NSN and MC called off the contract and went about their merry way. As more and more of OSS moved north to assist with .5.'s wars in deep 0.0 space, we were left as caretakers of the area.

Free Market & Goonwaffe[edit]

Goonwaffe was formed before the fourth newbie drive, as Goonfleet had reached the max capacity for a single corporation in the game. While it sort of solved the problem, it caused huge headaches for setting standings and corp hangars, leading to several rather unique situations. In one of the battles up north, the only way Goonwaffe members could get new ships was for someone else to eject from theirs outside a station. This lead to silly pod rushes towards recently vacated ships.

It was also decided that Goonfleet move to a free market system, with the intention of setting up a fully functional market in S-U. Until this time the market in S-U was very hit or miss, and the corp provided free basic fittings and frigates. Cruiser and Battleship pilots had to go to empire to buy everything they wanted, or build it themselves. After a rocky start, the market in S-U provided many common ships and fittings, with Battleships available upon request. There was debate about pricing, as many items cost far more than they do in empire. This was attributed to the mineral situation in S-U and the magic of the free market economy.

Goonfleet Grows Up, the Betrayal of SUPRM[edit]

On March 18, 2006, Remedial announced that Goonfleet would be purchasing all rights to Syndicate and become the defacto landlords of the area. This marked a significant improvement in Goonfleet's standing allowing them to rent out rights to tenants, most of whom moved in when the deal was completed on April 15, 2006.

Beginning in the Spring of 2006, ATUK (the largest corporation in The Five) announced it was disbanding, leaving .5. and reforming within the Band of Brothers alliance. This triggered a wave of major political announcements. IRON, a major alliance in the North, suffered major losses from BOB, resulting in IRON's surrender. G alliance reformed with several new corps into a northern alliance designed to fight off BoB incase of a major territorial invasion. This new alliance was called Dusk and Dawn (D2). As of early April, BOB continued to grow, leaving much uncertainty in the vacuum left by the dissolution of The Five.

On the local front, Supremacy, a tenuous ally at best, sensed the coming upheaval and asked Goonfleet to secede from Black Omega Security and the OSS informal alliance. Goonfleet leadership told KIATolon of this plan. SUPRM set Goonfleet and OSS to neutral, and hostilities flared up. SUPRM's defection lead to them joining up with our previous enemies. Goonfleet's primary focus became the annihilation of these new forces, dubbed the AoF. Remedial announced his intention to "take the trash out of Syndicate and kick it to the curb."

The Defense of Ted[edit]

On April 6, 2006, the AoF put up a large POS in M2, an important Syndicate crossroads system. However, after the break up of Galactic Aurora due to an internal dramabomb, it was taken down.

On April 22nd, 2006, a large AoF force came down into S-U and erected a large POS. They brought around 100 people that night, and soon afterwards a large gatecamp was erected on the 6-U gate, in order to keep them inside of Goonfleet space, and to choke their supply route. The camp was manned in shifts, all volunteer, and held the gate through all hours. Bored gatecampers started GFSFM, Goonfleet's official Shoutcast radio station. The gate itself was dubbed "Ted". Many AoF ships were destroyed as they attempted to run the gauntlet, with very few sucessfuly doing so. The gatecamp lasted one full week, until April 29th when the POS was finally brought down after entering reinforced mode a second time twelve hours prior to its destruction. These engagements saw the destruction of a great number of AoF ships, including a Carrier and three Dreadnoughts. Hundreds of goon frigates engaged in suicide fleets to take down the defending warp bubbles and clear the way for Goonfleet allied Dreadnoughts. The dreadnoughts were supplied by E.R.A and 3FA, without whose assistance the siege would have been impossible. At the peak of the engagement, allied numbers in gang were over 350.

In return, the following Sunday saw the installation of a Goonfleet POS in UTKS-5 in order to assist complex running gangs. This operation is notable for two other reasons - one, that over twenty hostile battleships were destroyed with the loss of a single Goonfleet battleship. Secondly, that evening a tax-free mining op was declared in Y9G, and over a twelve hour period, the system was completely stripped, netting 2 billion isk worth of minerals.

After this humiliating defeat, Supremacy packed their bags and left Syndicate, destination unknown.

At this point in time, Goonfleet's greatest foe was probably their own success -- many smaller corporations began to randomly wardec Goonfleet in the hope that it would bring them attention and so forth.

Political Upheaval in the North[edit]

In the course of about a month:

  • ATUK and The Five were disbanded; the remnants of ATUK reform as Destructive Influence in Band of Brothers, two other Five corps, Black Omega Security and Delta Force, form E.R.A. (with KIATolon at the head of the alliance) in order to hold on to The Five's northern holdings.
  • The OSS is formed out of the current informal alliance. A new branch of OSS dubbed OSS North was formed to help E.R.A hold the north. They are installed in Tribute with Chosen Path at the head of the northern branch. Goonfleet continued to run OSS Syndicate.
  • G becomes Dusk and Dawn, and takes the former Five's space in the north. Goonfleet is called in to the Branch area to help E.R.A, but were massively outnumbered. E.R.A pulls out to Tribute.
  • A member corporation of OSS sells out to D2 and turns off their POS sovereignty claims in exchange for safe passage out of the area; D2 performs an all-out assault on Tribute, even fielding their Nyx. Several member corporations leave E.R.A in preparation for a later attack on Cloud Ring which was eventually leaked and scrapped.
  • E.R.A moved to Cache to assist the Southern Coalition with Red Alliance. D2 installs puppet alliances in Tribute.

D-Day and the Creation of Goonswarm[edit]

On June 2, 2006, Goonfleet undertook an invasion of Outer Ring, home of the somewhat inert NORAD. In a State of the Goonion address later that night, Remedial announced that Goonfleet, while recognizing all the help OSS and ERA had rendered, had no other choice but to go it alone, and formed a new alliance: Goonswarm.

The actual invasion of Outer Ring went fairly easily. After a couple of decisive engagements in 4C-B7X in which NORAD forces were soundly beaten, two things came to light. First, NORAD were worn out at best, preferring to contest our control of Outer Ring from the safety of the station and only rarely engaging. Second, Outer Ring was horrible space compared to Syndicate; Outer Ring had some good systems, but nowhere near the few NPC stations, making exploiting the limited wealth of the region even more complex. For this reason, most goons ended up eventually going back to Syndicate, land of crokite, missions, and hostiles that were actually willing to engage, while NORAD began bringing in allies (Imperium, Fountain Alliance) and mercenaries (Alektorophobia). "MY MORALE" became a running joke.

On June 25, after a successful operation to drive NORAD and friends away from our base in 4C-B7X, Yeep decided to take the gang up to Cloud Ring to "pew pew and shot web". This would be the last significant skirmish of the Outer Ring campaign.

June/July 2006 - The War for XZH-4X[edit]

Beginning with a small raid that snowballed when a few goons shot at the hostile conquerable station as a prank -- and realized it was taking damage, which meant D2 Alliance had let sovereignty lapse and opened their space up to attack -- this was the point at which Goonswarm finally seized conquerable space of their own, wresting XZH-4X and the Prelle constellation from D2 (and seven other hostile alliances) over the wreckage of more than two thousand ships, including nine enemy Dreadnoughts.

Oh, and Remedial came back. Apparently Avalon kinda sucks.

Dear Leader's Respite[edit]

"And so it was that Sir Belvedere piloted Remedial's carrier into the fiery sun of S-U8A4, whereupon it was grabbed by a metric ton of hands bathed in pure white samite. Then the Great King of all Goonfleet, grievously wounded by assorted BoB forum trolls at the battle of Eve-O Hill, was spirited away to the mystical Jovian system of Avalon - there to remain until his Alliance is in dire need, when he will ride forth once again."

"And thus did the first great age of the Goonpire drew to a close. After forging a great kingdom from naught but frigate blobs and crokite, Dear Leader spake, "Eve is becoming Serious Business™, and I have little love for such things. I go forth now into the great unknown to seek fortune and adventure amongst the strange realms of the kingdom of Real Life. Perhaps some day I shall return to the realms of EVE. Look to the east, if you see a prankeapple in the rising sun, know that I am returning to the realm of goons." And with that, he saddled his trusty thanatos, and rode out from the pavilions of S-U. The honor guard of the directorate fell in behind him silently, mounted upon their finest battleships and HACs. Goonfleet pennants snapping smartly in the solar wind, Remedial and his loyal retainers rode forth from Station 3 with the air of a triumphal fete tinged by that of a funerary procession. Down the great thoroughfare of Syndicate he rode, looking neither right nor left at the throngs of his loyal subjects that lined the grand avenue. A full hour did this somber procession last until Remedial reached the gates of The Pipe. As he passed through the portal of the Reblier gate into realms unknown to goons and their kinsmen, a great hue and cry arose from the assembled squadrons; "YOU SHALL BE MISSED! LONG WILL THE REIGN OF REMEDIAL BE REMEMBERED BY GOONKIND!". And then there was silence.'

After destroying every NORAD POS in outer ring and destroying a retreating NORAD freighter with everything the corp owned, Remedial contacted NORAD's leader offering terms of surrender. His terms were simple, forfeit all claims in outer ring and agree to never try to take the space back and Goonswarm will give NORAD a temporary NAP to move all their personal and corp assets out. GIA agents revealed that NORAD's leader never mentioned this offer in their 'democratic senate meetings' or discussed it with NORAD corp CEOs. Since Remedial felt the stubborn leader was screwing over his alliance members he posted a thread on eve-o offering terms of surrender for NORAD so the members could at least see that Goonswarm was willing to let them leave peacefully if their leader would stop being stubborn.

The thread in question instantly attracted the attention of BOB CEOs and directors, telling Remedial that he is arrogant to offer terms of surrender so prematurely. Remedial called them on it and basically trolled several BOB CEOs and directors.

"Well anyway, this thread was addressed to NORAD, not to BoB or BoB fans or People Who Have An Opinion About BoB, and certainly not the Chief BoB Forum Prostitutes, so I'll stop arguing with anybody that doesn't have "Outer Ring" in their alliance name." -Remedial

This was probably where Goonswarm went from neutral to actively hostile with BOB. After holding sovereignty in XZH for over a month BOB decided we were becoming a threat and declared all out war. With BOB invading syndicate it was difficult to hold XZH, an orderly retreat was made. ASCN, formerly our allies, decided to set us neutral (without informing us) to avoid getting into any conflicts with BOB. Now with BOB intent on destroying Goonswarm, D2 looking to "teach the goonies a lesson" for invading XZH, ASCN sending ganksquads, and LV coming along to kick us while we're down things were looking pretty bleak. Remedial decided he made enough of a mess, apologized for messing things up, and decided to step down and take a break from EVE for a while. He appointed Hoegaarden as CEO and left.

At the end of his respite, Remedial returned and Remedial was once again CEO.

"There are no goons"[edit]

At the pinnacle of the war for XZH, D2 put up a total of 40 poses to lock Goonswarm out. Goonswarm gathered allies to blow them all up, but right at the crisis point, BoB, the supposed most powerful alliance in the game, took the opportunity to try to knock Goonswarm out of commission before they could become a threat. BoB staged a heavy propaganda campaign on the forums (declaring "There are no goons. Goodbye," that goons would never control space again, that goons were evil baby killing puppy butchers, etc.) and setting up shop in SU with about 20 ships and a freighter. BoB tried buying out the market and Goonswarm members simply put up more and they bought that too. Goonswarm members put up more at higher prices, eventually BoB got the picture and stopped buying overpriced cruisers and modules (several goons made profits in the hundreds of millions as a result of the "market wars").

Eventually Goonswarm decided to withdraw from XZH and attack SU. goons limited themselves to frigates, declared war on D2, IRON, BoB, RZR, and RISE, and had a jolly good time in empire space. BoB kept up a 23 hour gate camp for almost 2 weeks while nothing much happened. BoB quickly started wandering off and declared victory. Goonswarm quickly moved back in force to mine and mission and start a newbie drive. The "unbiased" political map no longer listed goons as owning JQV, because there are no goons.

The only real long-term consequences of all this hubbub were that 1) Goonswarm ended friendly relationship with the ASCN alliance. 2) BoB's declaration that we no longer existed means that every time we do anything at all, people troll and taunt BoB about it. 3) Goonswarm stopped caring at all about what the rest of the "eve community" thought about them, viewing it as mostly pointless propaganda.

Red Scare[edit]

Since the "eve community" hated Goonswarm's guts after BoB said we should be hated, negotiations began with another hated alliance of the "eve community", the Red Alliance. The Reds had a dual reputation as being simultaneously the dirtiest and most effective fighting force in all Eve, and had at this time been fighting off, well, everyone in Eve, in a war that had already lasted over a year.

Nothing was really confirmed until Goonswarm attacked the POSes of Knights of the Southerncross and took over an outpost for themselves and Red Alliance.

As a result LV tried to lock down JQV and put up a POS which was promptly blown up. Goonswarm later discovered that this is the standard LV strategy in fighting wars. Being in one random system while their enemies attack their POSes, Outposts, and Regions).

The state of goon affairs, as of January 1st 2007[edit]

By the beginning of 2007, Goonswarm had allied fully with the Red Alliance and TCF, forming the RedSwarm Federation. Over the prior few months, they had removed UCC, crushed KOS and assaulted Veritas Immortalis (-V-). Goonswarm erected multiple POS' in most of -V-'s home systems with little resistance, and had managed to take the strategically unimportant J-LO. The turning point for -V-'s eventual defeat in Scalding Pass was an act of 'surprise' brought forward by TCF in which, for the second time, 1V- was put under siege, thanks to TCF and Goonswarm's own efforts based on the excellent work of our intelligence program and a great effort to undercut enemy morale whenever possible, Goonswarm managed to wear down -V- to the point they were unwilling to defend their space against those numbers a second time. During the assault against 1V-, Lotka Volterra fired a doomsday device on Goonswarm's fleet, demonstrating that they possessed a Titan. This had no effect on Goonswarm's morale as they expected it would, and even though goons lost several hundred ships, their numbers were quickly reinforced. Goonswarm eventually took the system despite heavy losses. Once that battle was complete, and 1V- conquered, -V- began to retreat from the remainder of Scalding Pass. Soon thereafter, RYC, KZF, and 28Y fell, -V- formalized their retreat and took off to Great Wildlands with Goonswarm's eventual blessing as they removed their remaining POS', and Goonswarm held sovereignty across the Scalding Pass region.

At this point Lotka Volterra remains, but is being very cautious in their dealings with Goonswarm. So far, no further contest has been launched against the new found goon territory

The Cleansing of Lotka Volterra[edit]

During the end of January's State of the Goonion, Remedial revealed the true coalition arrayed against LV. Goonswarm, out of Syndicate; Red Alliance, out of Cache and Insmother; Tau Ceti Federation, out of Venal and the North; Ka-Tet, out of the northern new regions; Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, out of Curse and Catch; United Legion, out of the South; SMASH Alliance, out of Geminate; Roadkill, also out of Geminate; Knights of Southerncross, recent enemies of the swarm returning from their exile; and lastly, the newly reformed Curse Alliance, rising like the phoenix from the ashes. This Swarm of Allies totaleds roughly 15,000 individual people, fielding more than two hundred capital ships, and spread across 3 timezones for an unprecedented capacity of 24/7 force projection on a global scale. The face of EVE will never be the same, and it started with Lotka Volterra.

This announcement, was well backed up, by the record breaking Capital Ship Ragecage that preceded it. While Goonswarm provided a dedicated support fleet, and powerful and effective tackling and ewar, the REDs dropped in their dreads, and all hell broke loose. At the end of the day, LV had lost 16 Capital ships, of which 15 were Dreads, while RA had lost only two.

The Cleansing of Eve[edit]

2/10/07 The Band of Brothers Alliance, after recent news of scandal, enters the war on the side of LV. In response, D2 invades Fountain and beings attacking from one side of BoB space while The RedSwarm Federation start from the other.

BoB tried helping LV for a week trying to save a Titan in production and left after taking many BS and some capital losses and seeing the incompetence of Lv firsthand. BoB pulled out to relieve their renter corps after D2 took a station. BoB took the station back and killed a D2 Titan, an Erebus by aggression time after the pilot logged out. the conflict had become a stalemate.

-A- starts attacking MC in Period Basis Goonswarm and allies eventually kill the Titan in production in Jv1v and this breaks the morale of LV. Many pilots start fending for themselves and start evacuating their assets

March 2007 - Return to XZH-4X[edit]

A few days after LV space was taken over, Youwhat decides to turn on D2 and declare themselves on the side of BoB.

The War on Omnipotence[edit]

Also known as the war on the BoB

3/10/07 BoB renters Git-R-Dun lose sovereignty in both of their station systems in Feythabolis. Allies proceed to take station

3/11/07 BoB moves to attack the C3-OYD system, held by Goonswarm allies, KOS. Goonswarm and IAC suffer a fleet defeat due to a doomsday that hits them as they jump into system.

3/12/07 BoB suffers its most devastating loss to date. A Goonfleet member opens a cyno field for a a combined RA + AAA capship fleet, right on top of the BoB dread fleet. 9 BoB dreadnoughts are destroyed compared to 2 -A- + RA losses.

Late May 2007: Remedial Steps Down, Mittani's brief reign[edit]

Citing RL responsibilities, Remedial steps down from CEO of Goonfleet and appoints The Mittani as his successor. As a popular figure, The Mittani is greeted with great enthusiasm by goons and is anointed with several new nicknames, most prominent among them is Mittens. However, the war is not going well at the time that the Mittani ascends to CEO, and his new crown is a heavy burden.

When news arrives that D2 is officially disbanding after an attempt at a resurgence after disastrous early losses to MC, The Mittani alters the objective of the war. With D2's exit from the theatre, and BoB having successfully occupied Omist and Tenerifis, Goonswarm is on the defensive, and is to retreat into Detorid.

Meanwhile, a new batch of BoD conspiracy theories are hatched. There was definitely some merit to the issue that even the impression of impropriety fostered by giving BoB special access to CCP was unacceptable, but overall this wave of scandals was somewhat overblown. At this point, The Mittani apparently no longer differentiates between CCP and BoB. He summons a "threadnought", which serves as one of the catalysts for the current CSM structure where CCP brings in people elected from the EvE community to discuss CCP internals and aspects of the game.

The Mittani appoints Sesfan as the second new CEO in two weeks. For days, Goonswarm is in a pandemonium. Many goons fear that the alliance is in a failure cascade, some are just enjoying the ride. goon morale is at an all time low.

June 2007: Sesfan Picks Up The Pieces / Suas Is Awesome[edit]

Things eventually seem to calm down, and order is restored on the forums again. Sesfan is eventually announced as the new CEO of Goonfleet. Being a generally famous as a work-in-the-trenches, no-nonsense FC, he is hailed as a sensible wartime CEO for the struggling Goonswarm. Meanwhile, Suas isn't satisfied with plans to abandon Tenerifis, and informs Sesfan of a plan to completely out-POS BoB in XGH. With the dedicated work of a few brilliant logistics directors, Suas is able to hold sovereignty of XGH long enough for the completion of the first Goonswarm mothership.

From here forth, Goonswarm makes a miraculous rebound, and the theater suddenly shifts to 9-9. Numerous tactical victories have poised Goonswarm to push BoB out of Tenerifis at the same time as Goonswarm's Black Ops members proceed to trigger the eviction of GONAD from Omist. The campaign to retake Tenerifis was decided in the week of July 9, 2007. Fierce fighting in XGH and the former logistical base of 9-9 end in decisive Goonswarm victories and the BoB war machine was brought to a screeching halt. Then day by day Goonswarm's resurgent fleets drove their hated enemy step by grinding step into the old borderlands of Omist. Now the fighting flares ever more brightly for control of 66-PMM, the key to upper Feth and eastern Omist.

Mittani has returned , in a casual role, making ALL CAPS POSTS and inspiring goons with victory in sight. Note: Not previously mentioned is the nerf of titans and the destruction of shrike in 46dp. While sesfan had been doing well already to pull us around this event marks the turning of the war.

Oct./Nov. 2007 - Taking out the trash[edit]

With the titan nerf, BOB turns from omnipotent to impotent and the RSF quickly moves to gain control of the entire south. BOB shifts focus to capturing Catch from IAC and -A- but their efforts hit a brick wall after MC loses their titan and declares they are withdrawing from the war. This development affords RSF the opportunity to plunge a dagger into Bob's meaty renter underside. After TCF secures Omist, the Red Moon Federation alliance was hit first, while waiting for the The Eye of Terror to open. This pushed the frontline of the war to K-9 in Southern Feythabolis. Soon after, RISE is sieged and loses control of the RIT triangle. Digital Renegades withdraws from their space as well, after some fun fights, and is declared the only respectable BOB renter. However, realizing the headlight of the train steaming in BoB's direction, and catching wind of a RSF plan to tower all of Esoteria, BOB decides to withdraw all renter alliances from Esoteria and Paragon Soul. BOB releases this video detailing their withdrawal and Goonswarm quickly responds with a video of our own. All BOB renters -- including RMF, Southern Cross Alliance, ISS, RISE, Executive Outcomes, and The Sphere Confederacy -- pack up and move into Fountain to create a "castle" region.

RSF quickly moves into the vaccuum left behind, and Esoteria and Paragon soul is divided up between the many anti-BOB alliances. After a few weeks of nightly POS shooting ops, a period of general peace and carebearing for goons begins while BOB begin to fracture further under internal distress and conflict. First, there is much speculation that reveals that MC is beginning to question its friendship with BOB. Next, ISS is set neutral by BOB because they independently decided to attack a station belonging to Evoke alliance. ISS eventually go crawling back to BoB within a few days and are blue again.

Trash Burning in Delve[edit]

Attack on Delve Killed a Titan Took QSF Killed caps

Dining in NOL[edit]

Lost a titan killed some caps, lost some caps The great war ends when BoB is left with a single region of space. They eventually take back Period Basis and Querious.

Smashing SMASH[edit]

Early in 2008 Goonswarm invades Smash and Roadkill space. Deadtear, pilot of the first goon titan, loses it to Smash. Deadtear is then dubbed "Deadtitan" on the goon forums.

Attacking SE[edit]

As of July 2008 GF is actively warring with Stain Empire

BoB attacks 0-W, loses a capfleet[edit]

2008-12-20 04:46 to 0716 EVETIME

BOB and Executive Outcomes attempt to take the Detorid system of 0-W by force. Goonswarm manages to bubble the combined GBC capital fleet, killing 39 Dreadnoughts, 10 Carriers and 36 battleships in trade for 7 Dreadnought, 3 Carrier and 24 Battleships lost (Killboard link). This large number of capital losses for Band of Brothers combined with good strontium timing from GoonSwarm arguably stalled their attack temporarily as they had lost a sizeable percentage of their total capital fleet and momentum.

Second Great War[edit]

In the first quarter 2009 goons and allies were again at war with the forces of the GBC. Now included in the GBC forces are Red Overlord, -A-, and Stain. During this time Band of Brothers lost their name and sov when a Director defected over to Goonfleet. This sparked the beginning of the invasion of delve.

By the third quarter 2009, the second war has been all but concluded, with Querious and Delve firmly under Goon leadership. The BoB alliance name remains under Goonswarm control.

Not paying the Bills[edit]

During January Goonfleet failed to pay their sovereignty bill and Goonswarm lost control of several systems in Querious and Delve.

Karttoons Breakdown[edit]

In the first quarter of 2010, Karttoon, the CEO of Goonfleet and executor of the Goonswarm kicked all corporations except the ones he controlled. He then moved Goonfleet to the Band of Brothers alliance. As the executor of both Goonswarm and Band of Brothers he has declared mutual war between the two different alliances he controlls. Karttoon has declared that he intends to keep the war between Goonswarm and Band of Brothers active as long as he possibly can.

Spiritual Successor[edit]

In response to Karttoons actions the members of Goonfleet moved to Goonwaffe with the previous Goonfleet CEO and director Darius JOHNSON as new CEO of Goonwaffe and de facto successor to Karttoon. He created a new alliance called SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO [LODRA] which all former major Goonswarm corporations except Ultrapolite Socialites and Battlestars joined. Former Goonswarm corporations Ars ex Discordia, Igneus Auctorita and O.E.G have since left SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO.

Darius JOHNSON ordered SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO to move to the Syndicate Region.