Greater Good – Strong Stomach (5 of 5) Level 1

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Greater Good – Strong Stomach (5 of 5) Level 1

Mission Description

Since we've drawn so much attention to the plight of the Matari, there's been a news leak: one of the slave colonies has staged a rebellion. Now, the Amarr always respond to rebellion with brute force, so those people are pretty much doomed. But we can save them, and still make it look like they all perished — once again at the hands of the Amarrians.

Destroy the mining colony before the Amarrians do, and bring the survivors back here for safekeeping.

Mission Information

Type : Encounter / Kill & Courier Mission

Location : Deadspace

Mission Level : 1

Part of a Mission Chain : Yes

Mission Goal

Destroy the rebellious mining colony; bring back any survivors.

Item:  : : seven units of Freed Slaves (42.0 m3)

Tips and Help



None yet.

Additional Information About this Mission

Mission Bounties: None
Mission Reward: 167,000 ISK + 100 LP
Mission Bonus: 142,000 ISK (6 Hours)

Rewards & Bonus are dependent on your standings.

Additional Information

"Impetus is the main producer of holoreels in the universe today. In recent years, they have led the development of instant news arrays. Impetus predicts that when these arrays are completed, they will revolutionize the news business."

NPC Spawns:

Entry Zone

Acceleration Gate Only / No NPC's

Acceleration Gate allows Rookie, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser sized ships.

1st Zone

Group 1: (35km) (Auto-Aggro)

  • 2x Frigate (Imperial Forian)
  • 1x Cruiser (Imperial Tamir)
  • 1x Cruiser (Imperial Mazakir)

Acceleration Gate is 5km from initial warp-in location.

2nd Zone

Group 1: (45-50km) (Auto-Aggro)

  • 6x Frigate (Imperial Disciple)
  • 3x Frigate (Imperial Matendi)
  • 1x Frigate (Imperial Forian)

Asteroid Colony is 35km from initial warp-in location.

There are also (2) Habitation Module - Residential that you can finish off if you have some spare ammo (30km).