Greater Wildlands Coalition (Player Coalition)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


The Greater Wildlands Coalition (GWC) is a coalition of Alliances and Corporations who hold a presence in Great Wildlands 0.0 space. The GWC is made up of NRDS Alliances and lone NRDS corporations. The goals of the coalition is to retake the GW region for the good of all law (NRDS) abiding pilots.

The Greater Wildlands Coalition is non-expansionist, as it does not generally seek to police territory outside the GW region and its approaches.


The Greater Wildland Coalition's political stance has always been uncompromisingly NRDS.

Groups may seek a NAP(+5) with the coalition. However, they MUST abide by the NRDS system of engagement. GWC Reserve the right to withdraw any NAP for violation of any aggreement.

  • Lead Coalition Diplomat is : Aram Kachaturian (Factions Francophones Unies)

A background check and/or previous intel will be consulted before any decision is made.

However, during times of relative peace the Greater Wildlands Coalition usually seeks to increse the number of entities that it has explicit non-agression agreements with. As a result the GWC's standings towards some groups varies between NAP and Neutral status.


The GWC operate a simple system of standings

Standing Comment
(+ 10) Coalition Member    
(+ 5) NAP Arranged    
(=) Neutrals
(-5)     All groups that pose a threat in the GW region   
(-10)     All groups that have engaged GWC members    
GWC KOS Checker

Coalition Members[edit]

Full Coalition members as of April 2011 are (in alphabetical order):

  • Azon Consortium
  • Beer and Smoke Federation
  • Border World Enterprises
  • Bulgarian Space Federation
  • Communitas
  • Cosmodynamics
  • Darkstar Conglomerate
  • Dark Fusion Industries
  • Dead End Conflomerates
  • Electus Matari
  • Factions Francophones Unies
  • G Spot Alliance
  • Helm Alliance
  • House of Mercury
  • Limitless Inc.
  • Monolith Alliance
  • The Boondocks of space
  • True Reign
  • Void Conglomerate
  • X-Legio
  • Yulai Federation

The Greater Wildlands Coalition(GWC) has little formal structure and operates more on a mutual sharing of intel and joint cooperation.


If you are not sure you have a NAP then assume you do not! For arrangement of a NAP consult with the diplo in the first instance.