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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Guardian-Vexor is a mystery ship to many in EVE.

As a brand new Gallente pilot you naturally want to upgrade to the next level of ship. You have a good range of cruisers to choose from, but this one ship will stick out to you. You can see the plane jane everyday vexor in the market window, just below it, was a ship that you could never find in any region.

Initially you would spend some time checking markets as you explored New Eden. Each new region would prompt you to open your market to see if you might just get lucky and see one on the market. Eventually, you came to a point where you had to ask. "Has anyone ever seen a Guardian-Vexor? I've been looking for one for a while now." To which people would kindly explain why you couldn't find one.

The ship was given out in the form of BPC's to the winners of a tournament. Each blueprint had 5 copies, and only 10 sets were handed out, making a possible total of 50 in game. The only way to get one was to find one of the winners and pay a hefty price for it.

Finally in EST 108 (2006,possibly later) they were removed from the market window so that there would be no more confusion. The only way now to look it up, is through the contracts system. Which, as an avid hunter, you find yourself every so often looking up that ship. To date I've seen one on contracts for 30B. A bit much for my blood.

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