Gurista Base

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
Guristas Base
Signature Strength 20.0%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security 0.0
Known Regions Deklein,Geminate,Pure Blind,Tenal,Tribute,Venal
Pirate type Guristas

Gurista Base is one the easiest and most common 0.0 security space exploration complex found in areas of space inhabited by the Guristas, e.g Tenal.

The gate allows use by any non-capital ship type.

The complex is comprised of two deadspace rooms.

Room 1[edit]

Group 1:

Group 2:

  • 4 Cruiser class npcs
  • Upon destruction of the Dire Cruiser in Group1 an additional 2-3 Cruiser class npcs will spawn (Group3).

Group 3:

  • 2-3 Cruiser class NPC


Room 2[edit]

Group 1:

  • Between 6 and 8 Cruiser class npcs, split evenly with half being a Dire variant.

Upon destruction of one of this group a second group spawns around 100km away. "Large Collidable Structure" must be activated in the overview settings to see the tower as the warpin is too far away to show the tower in space.

File:Guristas experimental weapon.jpg

Group 2:

  • 2-3 Battleship class npcs
  • 2-3 Dire cruiser class npcs.

After finishing off these two groups of npcs, you continue towards the trigger in the complex. In this exploration site it is named - experimental weapon.

At a certain proximity(~40km) to the experimental weapon a small group, 2-3, npcs spawn to protect it. The experimental weapon also deploys 2 missile batteries upon aggression to protect itself and can further deploy an additional four cruiser class npcs.

Upon destruction of the experimental weapon a final group spawns.

Group 3:

  • 4 Battleship class npc, plus a chance of a Dread Guristas Battleship. This groups spawns approximately 150km away.


A successful escalation is shown up by a pop-up box instructing you on the destination of the next location in the adventure.



The next part of this escalation takes you to a room, which is not accessed by a acceleration gate, where you will receive three warning to leave this protected area or face the consequences. There is also an additional chance of a Dread Guristas Battleship npc being at the warp in area when you arrive.

"This is a private area, please leave instantly or face the consequences!"
"Security forces are inbound, leave while you can or face the consequences!"
"This is your last warning, leave now or the consequences will be dire!"

Three groups will spawn, each accompanied by a message, with tackling frigates; as shown in the pitcure to the right.

Group 1 consists of 3-4 Dire Frigates and 4 Battleships

Group 2 consists of 2-3 Destroyers and 3 Battlecruisers

Group 3 consists of 3-4 Dire Frigates and 4 Battleships

"Like a thunder out of a clear blue sky, local fills up with Guristas... there is murder in the air."
"Again you are taken by surprise by a wave of Guristas, your computers reel to include them into your immediate battle tactic calculations."
"This attack is totally relentless, will you survive?"

Killing all battleships leads to an eventual escalation. Template:Quote

Final Part of Consequences Schmonsequences.[edit]

Group1 is comprised of 4 Dire Cruiser class, 3 Cruiser class, 3 Dire Frigate class and 2 Battleship class npcs. These are all spread around as shown by the image to the right.

As you attack you are informed that

"More pirates have appeared."

4 more Battleship class npcs spawn. One of which may be a Dread Guristas Battleship.

Once they are all destroyed you can attack the Guristas Research Facility; as this is the trigger to the next wave and what the npcs are defending. 5 Cruise Missile batteries will spawn on this aggression. Destroy these and then destroy the facility for a chance to spawn the final wave and the overseer. If the final wave spawns this message will be recieved:

"Oushii Torun: Imbeciles! Your incompetence has cost us a Research Facility. As usual I will have to take matters into my own hands ... *sigh*"

He spawns with a bodyguard of 3 Frigates class and 3 battleship class npcs.

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