Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp
Signature Strength 2.5% (lowssec)
10.0% (nullsec)
Type Unknown
DED rating 6/10
Security Lowsec, Nullsec
Known Regions Tenal,Venal,Lonetrek,Vale of the Silent,Branch, Tribute, Deklein, Pure Blind, Black Rise
Pirate type Guristas

The Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp is {{#if:| {{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if: {{{class}}} |p1|p2}}| a Class {{{class}}}{{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if: {{{level}}} |p1|p2}}|, Level {{{level}}} | }} | }} Cosmic Anomaly | a Cosmic Signature of the DED Complex (rated 6/10) type, }} occupied by the Guristas {{#if:| | pirate faction}}. It can be found via exploration {{#if:| | by probing}} in Lowsec and Nullsec systems. For location details see [[{{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if: DED_Complex_List |p1|p2}}|DED_Complex_List|Unrated_Complex_List}}#Locations|Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart]].

The site consists of a volume of space with {{#if:1|an|no}} acceleration gate and contains various structures and their defending {{#if:|drones|pirates}}. {{#if:1|Using the gate allows access to other areas within the site.|}} When attacked, the defenders may send multiple waves of reinforcements. Each group's appearance is triggered by the destruction of members of the previous group. The names and amount of ships listed may vary slightly, but will always be of Battleship class or smaller. {{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if:|p1|p2}}|There are {{{variationCount}}} variations of the site.|}}{{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if:1|p1|p2}}|

This site's acceleration gate allows only Battleship class ships or lower and their Tech 2 equivalents to enter the site.|}}

File:Guristas 6 10 information.jpg

Room 1 (Checkpoint)[edit]


10-11 x (Destroyer) Pithior Anarchist/Nihilist
1 x (Overseer Battlecruiser) Pithatis Speaker (wreck may contain Pith Guristas Spa-card)
1 x Acceleration Gate to Recuperation Tower (Destroying all defenders Unlocks)
more ?

Room 2 (Recuperation Tower)[edit]


5 x (Frigate) Pithi Demolisher/Destructor
13 x (Destroyer) Pithior Anarchist/Nihilist/Renegade
13 x (Battlecruiser) Pithatis Enforcer/Executor
7 x (Battleship) Pith Dismantler/Eradicator/Extinguisher/Obliterator
1 x (Overseer Cruiser) Intoxicated Commander (wreck may contain Dread Guristas Cruiser Modules)
Guarded Containers
2 x Guristas Recreational Supplies (may contain Ammo)
1 x Acceleration Gate to Sin Boulevard (Destroying all defenders Unlocks)
more ?

Room 3 (Sin Boulevard)[edit]


Defenders (4 Groups, Group 1 aggros on warp-in, others by proximity)
1 x (Sentry) Guristas Stasis Tower (Stasis Webifier)
4 x (Sentry) Guristas Sentry Gun
21 x (Destroyer) Pithior Anarchist/Nihilist
7 x (Battlecruiser) Pithatis Enforcer/Executor
4 x (Battleship) Pith Dismantler/Extinguisher/Obliterator
1 x (Overseer Cruiser) Guristas Harlot Procurer (Pithum ?) (wreck may contain Dread Guristas Cruiser Modules)
Guarded Containers
1 x Guristas Recreational Supplies (may contain ?)
1 x Munition Storage (may contain ?)
1 x Acceleration Gate (Destroying all defenders Unlocks)
more ?

Room 4 (Arena)[edit]


3 x (Sentry) Guristas Light Missile Battery
9 x (Frigate) Pithi Demolisher/Destructor
8 x (Destroyer) Pithior Anarchist/Guerilla/Nihilist/Renegade
? x (Cruiser) Pithum Ascriber/Silencer
? x (Cruiser) Pithum Killer/Murderer (Jamming)
3 total cruiser
4 x (Battlecruiser) Pithatis Enforcer/Executor
3 x (Battleship) Pith Dismantler/Obliterator
2-3 x (Battleship) Guristas Entertainment Officer (Pith Dismantler/Obliterator)
Guarded Containers
3 x Confiscated Property Container (may contain ?)
1 x Captive Fighting Arena (contains 19th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects and may contain Dread Guristas Cruiser Modules and Pithum A-Type Modules and Gila blueprint)
? x Casino (may contain people or merchandise)
more ?

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