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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

CAREER: Hacker[edit]

Hackers traverse the universe probing for radar signatures. Once cleared of NPC rats, the hacker uses his trusty codebreaker module to "hack" open locked NPC cans and structures to get the treasures within. In order to find these complexes and sites, hackers also need to be good explorers, or have someone along with them who is.

Tools of the Trade[edit]


An advanced science skill, Hacking allows you to fit and use the Codebreaker module you will need to unlock electronic security systems.

Each level of Hacking increases the chance of data retrieval by 5%, so the higher the skill level, the better. If you are hacking in 0.0 space sites there are some containers that you will be unable to hack unless you have at least level 4 of the skill. Many Hackers recommend training the skill to a minimum of level 4 in order to be able to access all containers. Training the skill to level 5 gives you another 5% chance of success and access to Codebreaker II modules, however it does not unlock any higher level containers.


Either a Codebreaker I or a Codebreaker II must be fitted on the hacker's ship. Note that these modules cannot be used on player or player-corporation secure containers.


There are two ways to find hacking sites. The first is by going to a Racial COSMOS system and picking up a mission from an agent. The second is to probe down a site through exploration. For detailed information on how to utilize probes see the scanning guide.

The Hacker at Work[edit]

Once equipped and have located a potential site Hackers typically take the following steps:

  1. Clear out all the NPC rats. In a typical hacking locale, you will not be able to do any hacking until the rat spawns are destroyed. Some secure containers are dual locked in that a specific NPC spawn must be destroyed and then the container must be successfully hacked.
  2. After all the rats are cleared, via your overview panel, locate some structures that have the same icons as cargo containers. Approach to within 2.5km of one of these containers. If you try to open one of these containers you are likely to receive a message that it is locked, which is where the Codebreaker module comes in.
  3. Target and lock the structure. Once you have it selected and locked, activate the Codebreaker module fitted to your ship. It may take several module cycles to hack the container, so be patient. Upon a successful hack, a message will display indicating this and the module will deactivate.
  4. After a successful hack, open the cargo container, grab the loot and proceed to the next container. When all the containers have been hacked and looted, head home with the spoils.

Treasure for your Trouble[edit]

The rewards for hacking sites usually fall under the following categories:

Invention Materials:
Racial Encryption Methods skill books
Other components needed for Invention
Blue Print Copies for:
Tech II items
Tech I Faction items
COSMOS specific items
Manufacturing components needed by COSMOS or Tech 2 Blue Print Copies
Mission-specific items for COSMOS missions