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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


What is hacking and what are hacking sites?[edit]

Hacking is a mini profession where you "hack" to open locked structures at Hacking sites to get the rewards they contain.

There are two types of hacking sites that you can get: Data Sites & Relic Sites. Both of them are Cosmic Signatures and you have to scan them down with your Probe Launcher first. For information on how to use them have a look at the Scanning Guide.

Where can I find hacking sites?[edit]

You can find hacking sites at various Racial COSMOS systems and you can find them through Exploration.

What do I need to hack?[edit]


Archaeology - gives you +10 Virus Coherence for each lvl of skill with Relic Analyzer

Hacking - gives +10 Virus Coherence for each lvl of skill with Data Analyzer

To use the Data/Relic Analyzer II the skills needs to be trained to level 5.


T1 ships: Magnate, Heron, Imicus, Probe (+5 Virus Strength with Data/Relic Analyzer)

Faction ships:

Astero, Stratios (+10 VS with Data/Relic Analyzer)

T2 ships: Anathema, Buzzard, Helios, Cheetah (+10 VS with Data/Relic Analyzer)

T3 ships: Proteus, Tengu, Legion, Loki (+10 VS with Data/Relic Analyzer with Emergent Locus Analyzer subsystem)


Data Analyzer I (+40 VC and +20 VS) or Data Analyzer II (+60 VC and +30 VS)

Relic Analyzer I (+40 VC and +20 VS) or Relic Analyzer II (+60 VC and +30 VS)

Cargo Scanner I/II - so, you'll never miss anything tasty anymore inside the containers

Afterburner I/II or Microwarpdrive I/II - the distance between some containers can be more than 50km, max range that i experienced was 280km

Expanded Cargohold I/II - to make sure your cargo bay can hold everything


Small Emission Scope Sharpener I (+10 VC with Relic Analyzer)

Small Emission Scope Sharpener II (+20 VC with Relic Analyzer)

Small Memetic Algorithm Bank I (+10 VC with Data Analyzer)

Small Memetic Algorithm Bank II (+20 VC with Data Analyzer)


Slot9 Poteque 'Prospector' Archaeology AC-905 (+5 VC for Relic Analyzer)

Slot9 Poteque 'Prospector' Hacking HC-905 (+5 VC for Data Analyzer)

I have found a site, how do I "hack" it?[edit]

External hacking guide

What sort of rewards should I expect from a hacking site?[edit]

The rewards for hacking sites usually fall under the following categories: