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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Ship Insight[edit]

The Hawk is the missile variant of the Caldari assault ships. Although lacking the high damage potential of its Harpy sibling, the Hawk makes up for it in versatility. Because of the use of missiles instead of guns, there is no minimum/maximum range or tracking issues that dictates the operating range of the ship. With a proficient missile pilot at the controls, this ship can shoot missiles out to 60 km’s or farther and because of the missile speed bonus, the flight time penalty is largely negated. The new rate of fire bonus given to the Hawk now also makes its DPS quite formidable as well. This makes the Hawk a very good point-defense ship where its missile batteries can engage and push off enemy tacklers and other frigate class vessels from the fleet’s larger vessels such as battleships without having to worry about its own relative position.

The other significant advantage is the fact that the Hawk has a shield boost bonus which effectively gives it a free shield boost amplifier. This, combined with a small signature radius, assault class shield resistances and the fact that its weapons systems do not use capacitor and you have a very difficult ship to take down. This is also combined with the fact that it does not have to get into close quarters with an enemy ship like the case is with the Vengeance and you have a ship that can both fight outside the range of the enemy and tank whatever damage that comes its way from longer range ships.


Additional Images[edit]

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