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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


The Helios is mainly a scanning frigate with very little combat skills. Its primary uses are scanning down anomalies and signatures quickly with its good scanning bonuses. As of the Crucible expansion you can now fit tech 2 probe launchers for an additional 5% scan bonus. The Helios also is an invaluable asset to scouting systems and survey probing moons for valuable moon-mining opportunities. Its fast speed compared to other covert-ops frigates means its practically uncatchable in gate-camps when coupled with cloaking and micro-warp-drive tactics on bubbled gates.

File:Core-probe.pngUse core-scan probes for exploration
File:Combat-probe.pngcombat-scanners for fleet/roam work
File:Deep-space-probe.pngdeep-space probes are used in combination to pick up signatures at extreme ranges.

Faction probes can also give you an additional bonus as well but are expensive for the new player.

Name Meaning[edit]

Helios was a greek Titan (not that kind) and personification of the sun.

Additional Images[edit]

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