Helmi Nakamuta

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Agent Information[edit]

Helmi can be found in his Incursus next to the Asteroid Colony at the Sentinel Rise beacon in the Friggi system.
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COSMOS Mission Information[edit]

Helmi Nakamuta is a level 2 COSMOS Agent for Caldari Provisions. He is located at Sentinel Rise in Friggi.

He offers the following missions:

Ranch Hand - Building Blocks (1 of 3)

For you, my friend, there's always something. Greetings there, friend. The name's Helmi, Helmi Nakamuta. I'm here as an independent contractor working under the Caldari Provisions banner, subcontracting courier jobs to pilots who want them, helping to build this here frontierland. I got a job for you, if you want it. You need to be fast though.

Got this shipment of construction blocks here need to get to the State and Region Bank station in Ihakana, one system over reeeal quick like. You bring 'em there within 20 minutes, I may have another job for ya.

Courier: 8 units of Crates of Construction Blocks (560.0m^3) to Ihakana VI - State and Region Bank Investment Bank. LOWSEC WARNING

Ranch Hand - Relief Work (2 of 3)

I have just the thinkg you want. you did good on that last job, partner. I'm glad to have made your acquaintance.

I have a shipment of wheat here that needs to get to one of the settlements on Ishisomo III real fast. They're havin' a bit of a hard time foraging, what with the sparse natural resources on that old rock. If you can get this stuff to the Propel Dynamics Factory in Ishisomo within 10 minutes, it can be on the next suborbital shuttle down, and in some grateful family's belly tomorrow. What do you say?

Courier: 560 units of Wheat (640.0m^3) to Ishisomo VII.

Ranch Hand - Oasis Bringer (3 of 3)

Yes, I have something for you . Glad you're back. There's an emergency in Vahunomi; a colony of archaeologists on one of the moons there have had an accident that rendered them devoid of drinking water. Their distress call has only just been received, and due to factors of atmospheric interference we have no real way of knowing exactly how long they've been down there without water.

I need you to bring this supply of water to the State and Region Bank Vault in Vahunomi as soon as humanly possible. If oyu make it there fast enough, I'll throw in a very special reward. Go. Hurry.

Courier: 6 units of Crates of Water (360m^3) to Vahunomi X - Moon 4 - State and Region Bank Vault.