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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Helpmymission is an in game channel where people can ask for help to complete a mission, or advice if they are struggling to complete a mission. There are people in there ranging from brand new pilots needing help and advice, to players from 2003 who are happy to teach and assist.

The channel is going from strength to strength, with several new features added, including our own weekly Lottery, a monthly battleship prize, (with the channel having BPC's of all the standard battleships from on the BS section of the market), and a rookie ship pool, to help the newer players get back on their feet if they lose a ship on a mission.

There is also an in game browser compatible site created with lots of useful information The IGB site is now getting well populated, with many ship setups,(fully linked so you can see if you have the skills to use any of the items etc) and a section with many FAQ's.

We now also have a large selection of skillbooks which have been donated for people to have free of charge, full details in the HMM Library page of the IGB website.

The Lottery has now broken the 80 billion isk mark so far, so its been going very well 8)

The Helpmymission channel now always has more people in there than the official missions channel averaging over 100 people every day,