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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security 0.0
Known Regions All
Pirate type Rogue Drones

Hierarchy is a Rogue drones deadspace complex with two stages. The first stage must be entered by an acceleration gate. There is also a chance to get an escalation.

Stage 1[edit]

First Group[edit]

After entering the first stage you'll find a group of 5 medium drones about 40-50 km from warpin, consisting of the following types:

  • 3x Enforcer Alvatis
  • 2x Disintegrator Alvum

Also the acceleration gate leading to the second stage is about 40 km from warpin.

Second Group[edit]

When you approach the gate, 8 Guard Drones will spawn. After destroying them you can enter the gate.

Type of the drones:

  • 4x Strain Atomizer Alvum
  • 4x Siege Alvatis

Third Group[edit]

After a while a third group of 7 small drones might spawn at location of the first 5 drones.

Drone types:

  • 4x Raider Alvi
  • 2x Strain Infester Alvi (Web)
  • 1x Sunder Alvi

Stage 2[edit]

In the second stage the most drones will spawn. You need to approach the Hierarchy structure to trigger the last spawns.

First Group[edit]

The first group consists of 23 drones (small and medium) and 4 Cruise Missile Batterie. They will aggro instantly.

Drone Types:

  • 2x Barracuda Alvi
  • 5x Devastator Alvum
  • 6x Siege Alvatis
  • 5x Render Alvi
  • 1x Splinter Alvi
  • 4x Strain Disintegrator Alvum
  • 4x Drone Missile Bay

Second Group[edit]

After destroying the drones you need to approach the structure called Hierarchy. A group of 7 drones will spawn above the structure.


  • 3-4x Marauder Alvior
  • 3-4x Strain Raider Alvi

Third Group[edit]

When shooting the drones, another group of 6-7 rogue drones will spawn immediately.


  • 3-4x Exterminator Alvatis
  • 3-4x Strain Bomber Alvi or Strain Disintegrator Alvum

Fourth Group[edit]

Again, attacking the spawned drones will trigger the next group.


  • 4x Matriarch Alvus or Alvus Queen
  • 3-4x Marauder Alvior or Predator Alvior

Fifth Group[edit]

Same procedure here. Attacking one of the spawned drones will trigger a group of 3-4 large drones.


  • 3-4x Supreme Alvus Parasite

Sixth Group[edit]

The last group of 5 large drones will spawn after destroying all Battleship Sized Drones.


  • 4x Alvus Controller
  • 1x Sentient Alvus Creator

After Destroying the Commander drone you will either recieve no message - meaning that this exploration site has not escalated; or you recieve a message and directions to the next area in the exploration escalation called Troubles in Paradize

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