Historical Rogue Drone Communications

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



This research is focused on gathering, documenting and anaylsing any previous Rogue Drone communcations that may of occured and see if any conclussions can be drawn from them. Researchers should search through all available Archives for previous records of contact or of anything they might suspect to be contact with Rogue Drones and conduct intervews with any witnessess if possible.

Historic Contacts

Code Aria Patrols

Two of the Code Aria Patrol Teams sent into the Drone Regions (Pegasus & Perikles) had the express missions to monitor Rogue Drone communications and to attempt Diplomatic contact. Exactly what became of these Patrols is currently unknown but we do know that all but two of the CONCORD Officers involved are either Deceased or M.I.A. We can only conclude from this that the mission to make contact with the Rogue Drones in the Drone Regions failed due to unknown reasons.

Detailed Cases Of Contact

Code Aria Patrol Groups

Pegasus – Command of Captain xxxxxxxx

Comprised mainly of communications specialists, the Pegasus team was sent to region xxxxxx in an attempt to monitor and decode drone communications protocols. Further, if the opportunity presents itself, the team is to attempt to use state-of-the-art and xxxxxxxxx electronic warfare on the drones, as well as capture drone specimens for further study and testing of their communications circuitry. It is hoped that a clearer understanding of drone command and control networks could provide avenues for future weapons development to disrupt rogue drone operations should such steps become necessary in the future. As a surveillance/intelligence team, the Pegasus expedition is comprised mainly of Covert-Ops and Recon ships, with a few other vessels supporting in a supply and logistics role.

Perikles – Command of Major xxxxx

The most ambitious (and potentially dangerous) of the Aria missions is Perikles, sent to the xxxxxx region in an attempt to assess the possibility for high-functioning sentience among the drone population. If any signs of organized, adaptive intelligence are found, the team will report back to Code Aria with their findings. On approval, they will move on to the second stage of their mission and attempt to establish communications contact with the drones with ambition of establishing potential diplomatic relations. An extremely small team, Perikles is comprised of a pair of CONCORD Covert-Ops frigates, one of which is primarily concerned with communications and linguistic decryption, and the second frigate hosting various diplomats, cultural anthropologists, and programming experts in the field of artificial intelligence.

Emergency Transmission

The following was sent to us by Captain xxxxxxxx on patrol in the Lone Trek region. Please advise connection to missing capsuleer reports in the Infested Regions and the possibility of further potential abductions of capsuleer pilots, including CONCORD personnel, on the fringe of secured empire space.

To: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

Subject: URGENT Recovered ship log from xxxxxxxxx

From: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

At an unknown time between 03:00 and 05:00 Standard this morning, one of our ships identified as xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx initiated an emergency system eject. The location of said ship at the point of the eject is still unknown, as further transmissions of the system's safety log was scrambled by the involved parties responsible for the ship's destruction. Also, the fate of the capsuleer piloting this vessel is unknown, expected to be a casualty.

Our team of technicians was able to recover the data found in the attached file.


xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Recovered System Safety Log

Attachment 001:


//System: Initiating self-diagnostics


//System: Initialing boarding sequence


//System: Self-diagnostics complete, all systems operational


//System: Handshake verified, boarding complete. //System: Welcome, ######### #########


//System: Requesting undocking sequence.


//System: Undocking request accepted. ... //Omitting ...


//System: Warp drive disengaged, resuming normal flight.


//System: Connect to Gate command, verification pending.


//System: Request verified.


//System: Jumpdrive activated, destination: ###-## ... //Omitting ...


//System: Warpdrive Active, destination: 1,1,1


//System: Warpdrive shutdown, reason: Unable to activate, Warp field out of sync


//System: Initiating shield boost overload at 130%.


//System: Shield booster unable to activate, systems damaged.


//System: Internal systems failing, activating emergency backup systems


//System: Broadcasting log, Capsule Eject sequence 597


//System: Error, unable to eject capsule. ..



Given the fact that almost everyone who went into the drone regions in the Aria patrols either died or is MIA I think it is safe to assume that attempts at contact were not successful for whatever reason. I believe that Pegasus made a fatal mistake in underestimating the Rogue Drones, when they gathered samples of Rogue Drones for testing they presumed that they had been able to deactivate them safely using their state-of-the-art & prototype Electronic Warfare capabilities. Once the Drones were on board they infested the Concord vessels one by one, killing all the crew. They then used the Concord communication relays and backhacked the system, discovering the presence of the other Aria Patrols they transmitted the information back to the Hive where it was used to ambush and destroy the other Patrol groups.