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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Quite possibly the best mining ship in New Eden, the Hulk is aptly named, draining asteroids almost faster than it can lock them. While it takes a bit to get the skills for it, it pays off very fast.


High Sec

This fitting is perfect for mining in 0.5 security space and above. It has a moderately strong passive shield tank, good cargo capacity and virtually maximized mining speed.

High Slots
Medium Slots
Low Slots
Rig Slots

NOTE: To maximize the efficiency of your mining drones, it is best to position your Hulk almost within touching distance of an asteroid (within 500 m) to reduce the transit time of the drones. From this range, at max skills the yield of the mining drones is almost on par with that of a tech 1 strip miner.

Recommended Skills

Above and beyond the required skills for flying a hulk and using the proper equipment, here are additional skills that will maximize your mining.

Additional Images

Below are additional ships images. Click the image below for a larger version:

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