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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Hyperion is an odd bird. Its eight turret slots and 5% damage bonus per level give it the ability to put out an intimidating amount of DPS, whilst its armor repair bonus allows it to sport a particularly sturdy active tank. Unfortunately it lacks the fitting capacity to exploit both of these bonuses at once. Its reduced targeting range over it's counterparts, and lack of tracking bonuses generally precludes its use as a rail boat.

This often results in PvP fits sporting blasters. However, comparatively low speed, high mass and hefty price tag make it unpopular even in this capacity.

Hyperion (PVP)[edit]

Although often neglected due to its high price tag and general preference for passive or buffer tanks in PvP situations at present, the Hyperion can still be flown as a powerful turret platform.

Many fits disregard the tanking bonus and focus on a buffer tank with high DPS output. However, single or dual rep Hyperions are viable options for small-gang and solo situations, especially when combined with Exile combat boosters. Pilots fitting the Hyperion like this without good fitting skills or implants may run into powergrid issues, and should attempt to strike a balance between tank and damage output.

Pilots running in larger fleet situations may also shield tank the Hyperion, freeing up valuable lowslots for Magnetic Field Stabilizers and much needed tracking enhancers. Often tackle-gear or tracking computers must be sacrificed to attempt this.

Name Meaning[edit]

Hyperion is the Titan of light in Ancient Greek mythology. He was the son of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky), and was referred to in early mythological writings as Helios Hyperion, 'Sun High-one'.

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