Imperial Republic of the North (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Imperial Republic of the North
Ticker IRON
Type 0.0
Founded 2005.03.15 (About Lunchtime).
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Betabob
Nikita Fontaine
Diplomat(s) MFWood
Public Channel
Website Forums and Website
Executor IRON Tech
Members E X O D U S
The Funkalistic
g guild
InterGalactic Corp

The Imperial Republic of the North <IRON> is a northern coalition 0.0 alliance, formed on 16th March 2005 with the Following Announcement.[1]
Founding corporations include E X O D U S and VentureCorp, with InterGalactic Corp and Synergy following soon after. The Imperial Republic of the North has traditionally been based in the Deklein region, however all current Sovereignty is held in Scalding Pass.

Past Member Corporations[edit]

Past member corporations include:


Notable events in IRON's history:


The Imperial Republic of the North did not form until 2005. However many of its founding corporations worked together in older alliances, including:


The year of many changes


Pre-NC North

Return to Deklein[edit]

The fun was over
  • IRON returned north to heed a call to arms. It had been decided by the pre-NC Northern powers that the owners of Deklein at the time, the Northern Freedom Coalition, <NFC>, ought to be removed from their holdings. After securing the vital northern corridor of EC-P8R for several days warships moved into staging areas with allies Freelancer Alliance, <FLA> and a major offensive was launched against VFK-IV.
  • The NFC was prepared and equiped in full for the battle, with many changes of ships prepared. IRON engaged with FLA by jumping into the hostile prepared Camp complete with Warp Disruption Bubbles anchored in place. The losses for NFC was massive, some pilots losing more than three ships each. Due to excessive Poddings, NFC pilots even reported losses of Skill Points after forgetting to reset their Clones to the required standard. However, the ceaseless numbers were telling and the battle ended with IRON and FLA being forced to order a retreat from the field.[4]
Mopping up
  • As a result of the battle, NFC retreated from the entire area, once VFK-IV was secured they were was persued through the region.[5]
  • Lag remained a problem throughout the entire campaign and response time in battle could be measured in the tens of minutes.
  • 3JN9-Q became the last stand of the NFC[6] who set up a number of Large Towers there. Dreadnoughts and Carriers were brought in to remove these and the system had to be held with overlapping shifts for three long days to prevent Refueling until the reinforcement timers ran out.
  • Several attempts were made to break the seige, but ultimately the beseigers held and the towers fell. The system's station fell to FLA and IRON.
Victory Stolen
  • As IRON and allies began clean-up operations around the region, the previously neutral alliance, SPARTA entered the war. Various NFC corporations joined with SPARTA and several systems Sovereignty flipped to them. The ultimatum was made that these systems must be surrendered to IRON and allies at once.
  • SPARTA began to attempt to elicit sympathy from nearby Pre-NC Northern alliances and requested their help in defence of their obtained systems. Claims were made on the Eve forum CAOD that IRON was so desperate they had hired Mercenary alliance X13 against them to do their fighting for them.[7]
    Within the week SPARTA disbands under attack from IRON and D2.[8]
    In a moment of sublime footbullet it was soon discovered that SPARTA hired X13 on themselves to gain sympathy and support in the war they were losing, a move which backfired given their crippling losses in empire to the highly efficient Mercenaries.


That Pattern again


A busy year

Max Damage[edit]

Sudden Start
  • With very little warning that they would be the first target, IRON barely has time to form a fleet before several hundred GBC Capitals begin flooding NPC staging areas. Hasty lines are drawn and GBC attacked IRON in force.
  • July 10th, all hell breaks loose for IRON, with less than ten minutes warning a massive GBC sub-cap fleet attacked VFK-IV and was thrown back with heavy losses[12].
  • Hours later, the next wave of the GBC attacks, similarly hammered back by IRON, more than one hundred and thirty ships are destroyed.[13].
  • Days of near ceasless attacks pass, but the losses for the GBC are as heavy as before when attacking VFK-IV[14].
  • Similar attacks are launched against neighbouring systems with equal lack of success at first[15]. However, the NC soon realise with the fall of one station system that the GBC only require to win a battle once. The instant a cynjmr falls several hundred Dreads flood the system and it would prove costly to retake it.
  • Realizing that Tribute will be next, Razor and MM, two major forces in the NC alongside IRON come to an agreement to withdraw their forces to conserve fighting strength and stockpile massive supplies of warships and capitals in their home systems in exchange for assisting in providing IRON with a home after MAX Damage is over. This leaves IRON defending against the GBC with only the support of the minor NC members.
Tiredness begins to tell
Sovereignty, like the war, turns against IRON
  • IRON unable to sustain a fight on two fronts loses its holdings in Malpais to Legion of xXDeathXx whilst defending against GBC's MAX Campaign.[16]. The Drone regions were surrended with IRON removing assets and jumpclones before the stations were lost.
  • Handfuls of Solo-pilots remained, hunting and killing invading pilots in droves and the influx of hostiles to what was otherwise undefended space was suprisingly slow, almost a full was month taken to flip half the systems when there were no IRON defenders to small, offlined towers.
  • Meanwhile, GBC's MAX Campaign starts to erode IRON sovereignty in Deklein.
  • The final battle. IRON loses its sovereignty in Deklein due to overwhelming pressure from GBC's MAX Campaign. The fall of VFK-IV was considered the final battle for MAX against IRON and ended with IRON losing an Avatar class Titan.[17]

  • The total time for the GBC to take the six principle systems from IRON was Forty-two Days. This time proved Invaluable for the major NC Alliances in Tribute to prepare.

Post Max Damage[edit]

Autumn 2008[edit]


Leadership Change
  • PuppetmasterX and FotoFlame step down as IRON executors. They are replaced by an executive team consisting of Tyrol, Riley Kendrik, and NathanMoore.
  • The new executive team pushes through a new piracy stance with a NBSI policy in low-sec, ostracizing the views maintained by the previous executive team and a large proportion of the alliance, as well as, after an alliance wide performance review, asking a number of IRON's smaller corporations to merge with larger corporations or leave, essentially forcing many corporations out.
  • More than half of IRON leaves, including Arkons Of Myth, Exterminatus, Meltd0wn, Omega Enterprises, Rage Of Inferno and Sensus Numinus, before PuppetmasterX and Fotoflame step back in as executors again.
  • Contrary to popular belief, IRON is still alive and fighting on.

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