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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Interstellar Starbase Syndicate
Ticker ISS
Type 0.0
Founded June 2006
Status Closed
Contact details
Alliance CEO Count TaSessine
Diplomat(s) Serenity Steele
Public Channel
Website Interstellar Starbase Syndicate
Executor ISSO
Members ISSN


The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate ISS was formed based on an alliance charter defining the terms and conditions by which any corporation could join the alliance for a fee. Originally the ISS ran an NRDS policy and actively encouraged other pilots to dock at it's outpost stations.

The ISS was comprised of 3 key centralised service corporations for the member corporations:


The ISS was the first alliance to actively sell shares in Outpost Constructions for the purpose of dividends to it's players. It was also the first alliance to create an IPO in-game.

During it's lifetime, the ISS ran the following IPOs:

  1. ISS Marginis - Gallente Outpost in Catch
  2. ISS Borealis - Gallente Outpost in Pure Blind
  3. ISS Providence - Amarr Factory + Minimatar Refinery in Providence
  4. ISS Cassini - Re-sale of a BOB Outpost in EC-P8R
  5. ISS Marginis II - Factory outpost in Catch
  6. ISSO - Sale of shares in the alliance holding corporation


(Incomplete) The war between IAC and ISS is the core factor kicking off the "Great Southern War" and hosilities involving the alliances Lotka Voltera, IAC, AAA, MC.

The IAC maintained a long-running hostility towards ISS as the IACs geographical growth was limited by being in a cul-de-sac constellation near ISS's primary alliance area of operations and ISS Marginis Outpost. This inevitably resulted in ongoing conflict, initiated by IAC to ISS. As the frequency and power behind attacks on the ISS increased, ISS realised that only one alliance would survive in the catch region, and took moves to eradicate IAC once and for all.

The ISS initially employed Mercenary Coalition to provide the capital fleet to take out IAC's home constellation, and gained assistance from Lotka Volterra in the venture. However after an initial successful blitzkrieg against IAC, MC were unwilling to risk their capital ships and chose to withdraw from the war. At this stage Against All Authorities and Red Alliance joined in against Lotka Volterra, kicking off the Great Southern War, and simultaneous attacks by D2 on ISS's northern outposts, saw the loss of the publically owned outposts that ISS was operating in 0.0.

The alliance redeployed to Esoteria and joined the war alongside Band of Brothers.



Real Life Press[edit]

Eve Player News[edit]


The Entire operational conduct of the ISS and all member corporations was defined in the publicly released ISS Charter. Corporations failing to adhere to the charter was ejected from the alliance.

The charter underwent several iterations, notably a move from Neutral NRDS policy to a NBSI policy shortly after loosing all their IPO Outposts in 2007 Dusk till Dawn and Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate

2nd version of Charter on 5 December 2005[edit]

All member corporations agree to the following charter.

- Open discussion of the Charter is welcomed and new versions are updated and released incorporating improvements over time.

  • Sufficient notice is given to all member corporations. However, the current Charter is binding, and no political bickering will be entered into.

Day-to-Day operations

  • Member corporations are responsible for their own day-to-day operations, both logistically and militarily.
  • Member corporations are required to participate in the ISS Deep Space Development Program (see below)

Combat and war

  • Spaceships of ISS member corporations may only engage when:
    • The ISS alliance has set negative standings to the corporation in question
    • An ISS pilot is targeted, are under direct threat or their assets under threat
  • During times of empire war any ISS member corporation can put their membership on hold for up to one month without having to repay joining fees.
  • [[Interstellar Starbase Syndicate Navy (Player_corporation)|ISS Navy Task Force will assist your corporation to help resolve siege situations of static ISS property, notably starbases and outposts.

0.0 region access terms

  • All member corporations are to respect the terms under which they gain access to 0.0 space under host alliances.
  • Terms are specific to each region and are posted on the ISS forums.
  • If a member corporation disregards these terms and conditions, or overwhelming circumstantial evidence to this effect is presented, the ISS will proceed to expel the member corporation.

It is through respect for these terms that your corporation can operate in 0.0. The operation of the ISS depends on the strict observance of the conditions and terms under which we operate in host territories.

Internal Communication

  • At least your CEO must sign-up to the forums (see link at top of page)
  • All your corp members are strongly encouraged to sign-up to the forums
  • Forum membership is only granted to pilots who have been with your corporation for a minimum of 30 days.

External Communication

  • Only the Chairman and Executor may represent the ISS.
  • No members corporation pilots have any authority or persmission to speak on behalf of the ISS or represent the ISS in public forums or other form of diplomacy.


  • Corporations are to pay a one-time administrative joining fee of 25m ISK
  • Member Corporations pay monthly memberships fees, based on corporation size, as follows:

Nr of Pilots Fees / Month 1-20 25m isk 21-50 50m isk 51-90 75m isk >90 100m isk

  • Nr of pilots is the nr displayed on your corps 'show info' window.
  • Membership fees are to be paid 1 month in advance.
  • Fees should be transferred as a corp-to-corp transfer from the member corporation to 'Interstellar Starbase Syndicate Operations'.

These are deliberately designed to be as small as possible, but also exist so corporations who join show some level of commitment to the ISS.

Anyone who can run one small Starbase can afford to join, and any corporation who has just one medium Starbase in a sovereign system will save the membership fee in fuel costs.

Privateer Corporations. From time to time, specialist corporations may join ISS to bolster the organisation when special needs arise. Such corporations specialised in ice mining, defence, transportation etc.. Membership terms for privateer corporations are negotiated individually and are at the discretion of the ISS Management.

Participation in 'ISS Deep Space Development Program' We want all our member corporations to make a clear commitment to our vision of laying a cornerstone to a civilian society in 0.0 space, the Deep Space Development Programme is designed to help you achieve that.

By participation in the program, member corporations gain a basic income from their starbase operations which solidifies their presence in 0.0 space. The program is managed by ISS Industry [ISSI], which is a ISS-controlled subsidiary corporation.

The goals of the program are:

  • To actively promote a financially self sustained civilian society in 0.0 space by building starbases(POS) and outposts
  • To provide member corporations with a solid financial foothold in 0.0 space
  • Increase income to members by fully leveraging the advantages of economy of scale through external marketing and sales of internally generated products

The program only demands a fraction of your corporate resources. Your corporation will still have plenty of time to mine valuable ore, NPC-hunt or whatever you think is fun in 0.0 space.

Specific requirements and terms:

  • All ISS member corporations must operate a minimum of one Starbase (aka. player-owned-structure or POS) within 2 weeks of joining ISS.
  • All member corporations must regularly supply or buy at least one moon mineral related product through ISSI if required by ISSI.
  • ISSI may directly instruct and direct specific member corporations to produce certain products to satisfy the commercial viability of the program.
  • Failure to obey the instructions of ISSI in a timely manner may result in termination of the ISS membership and privileges

3rd version of Charter on 22 November 2006[edit]

Open discussion of the Charter is welcomed and new versions are updated and released incorporating improvements over time.

Sufficient notice is given to all member corporations in the case of changes, however, the current Charter is binding and no political bickering will be entered into.

Vision of ISS To open 0.0 space for all Eve pilots by constructing and managing public outposts across Eve.

What is ISS? A megacorporation specialised in operating and building public and private outposts.

ISS is a non-political entity. As such, our only political interest can be expressed as keeping our shareholders happy. ISS does not claim territory outside of outpost systems.

The alliance operates a number of outposts which are owned by shareholders from all over Eve. Each month, the revenue from these outposts is paid out as dividends to the shareholders.

Public outposts We work to increase dividends to the shareholders who have entrusted us with the management of their outposts.

Private outposts We offer to build and operate outposts for all alliances in Eve to our mutual benefit. The proceeds from these outposts finance the operation (Defence, Maintenance) of the public outposts.

Docking policy in public ISS outposts

  • All EvE pilots are welcome to dock by default
  • If a pilot or an entity systematically disrupts trade around the outpost systems, they may be denied docking rights.
  • If an entity is kill-on-sight (KOS) to ISS it may be denied docking. An entity may become KOS for repeatedly attacking ISS ships.
  • ISS allow pirates and fleets to dock but will respond to concerns of neighbours on docking rights.
    • If an entity uses the outpost as a staging area to wage war, they may have their docking rights removed for the duration of the war.

Contact ISS Management (see FAQ) if your alliance have concerns and/or to report breaches of the charter.

Rules of engagement in PUBLIC ISS outpost systems

  • ISS can not, and does not wish to, police the ISS outpost systems. All ships entering these systems do so at their own risk.
  • If your entity encounters an entity with which you're at war in an ISS outpost system, you are free to prosecute the war.
  • ISS Navy is authorized to clear the docking area of obvious gate camps. As a rule we wish that everyone is able to freely dock and undock.
  • ISS Navy is authorized to break up pirate gate camps and prosecute threats, around the outposts and the trade routes leading to the outposts, in order to further free trade.

Rules of engagement PRIVATE outpost systems This refers to private (alliance controlled) ISS outpost systems and territory under friendly alliance control to which ISS have been granted access

  • Normal ISS rules of engagements are in effect
  • ISS will not engage ships neutral to ISS
  • ISS will not report on neutral fleet (neutral to ISS) movements to the host alliance

Example: If your alliance decide to attack an alliance with whom ISS have a regional deal, ISS will stay out of the fight, unless your alliance decide to attack ISS assets (e.g. ISS starbases) or restrict ISS traffic in the same region.

History of ISS The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate was created in June 2005 as a 'grassroots' initiative by a number of independent POS operators. Our goal was to create an alliance, which would allow small and medium sized corporations access to 0.0 space under favourable conditions.

A few months later ISS evolved by creating the first Initial Public Offering of shares for the ISS Marginis outpost (Catch//KDF-GY), which became the first player built public outpost in the game.

The alliance has never held or claimed territory anywhere in Eve, but to protect shareholder interests, ISS evidently needs to maintain sovereignty in the outpost systems.

We've been responsible for a number of 'firsts' in any MMO: for example, the first ever IPO (initial public offering of shares), and the construction of the first publicly owned trading outpost in 0.0 space.

Here is an assortment of references to ISS, both from in-game and real world media coverage:

The Escapist: Trust Me Kotaku: Is Eve-online better than WoW? Second Life Herald: Deep-Space Outpost Goes Public EvE-Online Player News: ISS Marginis opens for business EvE-Online Player News: Revolutionary thinking

Membership requirements (member corporations)

  • All members subscribe to the ISS vision and Rules Of Engagement
  • Minimum 10 pilots in the corporation
  • Minimum 500M liquid capital in the corp wallet

(prove by sending to [ISSO] upon application, ISK returned upon acceptance/rejection)

  • Minimum 1 carrier or dreadnought operational per 20 members in the corp (rounded up, so 21 members = 2 carrier or dreadnoughts).

If your corporation is fresh from empire, it is possible, at the discretion of ISS Management, to replace the ship requirement with large deathstar starbases (as per ISS standards) deployed in ISS outpost systems. These contribute to static defense and are, as such, also beneficial to ISS.

  • Required to participate with all hands in ISSO sanctioned operations. Specifically:

Note: ISS fleet operations other than the above are entirely voluntary. The expression 'all hands' cover a 'reasonable' level of participation. 'Reasonable' is defined by ISS Management.

  • Member corporation pilots are required to sign up for the ISS forums (at an absolute minimum the CEO and the Directors)
  • Member corporations must operate at least one Starbase (POS) within 4 weeks of joining ISS.
  • Acceptance into ISS is furthermore subject to ISS Management approval - it is not automatic even if the member fulfil all the above requirements