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Name IT Alliance
Ticker -IT-
Type 0.0
Founded 2009.08.18
Status inactive
Contact details
Alliance CEO SirMolle
Public Channel
Website IT Alliance Killboard
Executor Viborg Odyssey
Black Nova Corp
Destructive Influence
The Maverick Navy
Nex Exercitus
The Executives
Viborg Odyssey
Tin Foil

IT Alliance was created on 2009.08.18 by Viborg Odyssey, a holding corporation for the former Band of Brothers corporation Evolution.

Member corps included former GBC members Dark-Rising, The Maverick Navy, The Executives, x13, Nex Exercitus and ANZAC ALLIANCE. ZER0. and former BoB corporations Black Nova Corp, Reikoku, FinFleet and Destructive Influence and several smaller corporations also joined.

Following their defeat in Fountain by the Deklein Coalition, IT Alliance fractured, and is currently dormant with a total of 8 members.

New Home[edit]

After Band of Brothers lost control of their previous home region of Delve, the area was taken over by Goonswarm. In early 2010, sovereignty bills went unpaid due to a lapse in cash transfers. Sovereignty was immediately lost across Delve, including the main staging systems utilized by Goonswarm; NOL-M9 and J-LPX7.

Goonswarm rapidly withdrew from Delve rather than attempt to hold onto the region, allowing IT Alliance to reconquer the space without contest.


Coalition: Greater BoB Community
Allies: Black Star Alliance, HUN Reloaded, Aeternus, Blade., Against ALL Authorities, Legiunea ROmana, The Exodus Project and Systematic-Chaos.
Current Controlled Regions: Fountain, Delve, Querious (With TEP and .-A-.) and Period Basis (With SYS-K and ROMAN).
Current Active Regions: Fountain, Delve, Querious, Period Basis and Syndicate
Piracy: Member corporation policy

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