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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


This article lists out important men and women of the Gallente Federation, including political and military figures, or other individuals who have had a significant impact on Gallentean history.


Jacus Roden[edit]

Current President of the Gallente Federation, elected in December 111 as President-elect and inaugurated in January 112. He is founder and former CEO of Roden Shipyards, a Gallentean megacorporation that is not only the leading manufacturer of frigates and shuttles in the Federation, but is also the firm that constructs the majority of the Federation Navy fleet.

Roden's early career was mired in scandal, charged by Federal prosecutors with felony counts of theft and racketeering. Although the courts eventually dropped charges against him, his reputation remained damage, becoming somewhat of a recluse as executorship of Roden Shipyards shifted to his granddaughter, Miloise Roden. However, following a political crisis in August 111, where then-President Souro Foiritan attempted to nationalize the arms industry after a string of military defeats against the Caldari, he emerged as a folk hero amongst the people, as he led a coalition of the nation's leading weapon manufacturers to defy the executive order. When President Foiritan resigned, he was the first to submit his candidacy.

As presidential candidate, Jacus Roden pledged in his broad-based but relatively simple campaign to root out corruption in government, improve strained relations with the Minmatar Republic, reform the Federation Navy, and include capsuleers more closely in the war effort. He also promised to recover Caldari Prime from State occupation and restore full military control across the Luminaire system, something the public warmed up to, seeing the situation as an "open wound". Elected by a convincing majority of 58.7%, he was greeted optimistically by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor, as well as by the Amarr Empire. Tibus Heth, Executor of the Caldari State, was much more hostile, though other CEOs of the Caldari megacorporations remained more cautious, seeing the new President as potentially someone they could work with.

Souro Foiritan[edit]

Souro Foiritan was former President between 103 to 111, and one of the more remarkable chief executives in recent times, incredibly popular. As a Progressor, his primary belief was that of rugged individualism and laissez-faire politics, one of his first decisions as President being to veto food laws for the Gallentean underclasses. Though often opposed by the Senate, headed by Sociocrat Mentas Blaque, he was nonetheless extremely successful, his policies seeing the Federation's economy booming to record highs.

In 106, following the Elarel Massacre where several Gallentean culture icons were assassinated by the UDI, President Foiritan successfully amended the Constitution for an executive to run for a second term, citing his own need for additional time to hunt down the perpetrators. Despite his victory in this regard, the Senate nonetheless called impeachment hearings, and trigged new elections that were held in 108, with long-time political rival Mentas Blaque and SCC head Eman Autrech standing as his main rivals. Ultimately victorious, Foiritan continued to serve as President.

When war broke out with the Caldari State in 110, President Foiritan oversaw some initial military victories, and most controversially formed a new FIO division called the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, or the Black Eagles, installing Head Senator Mentas Blaque as director. The new division had complete and far-reaching oversight of internal matters within the Federation. The popularity he earned in peacetime plummeted and was utterly destroyed, however, in 111, when responsibility for failing to protect the Federation's frontier from Caldari occupation fell squarely on him, and saw the President ultimately resign after corporate resistance (led by Jacus Roden) to the invoking of the Hueromont Act, an order that would nationalize the country's arms industry. Resigning and calling for new elections, he formally relinquished power in January 112 to President-elect Jacus Roden.

Mentas Blaque[edit]

Former Head of the Senate, Mentas Blaque now serves exclusively as director of the FIO's SDII, having resigned his post in April 112. A Sociocrat and Gallentean cultural supremacist, Blaque believed that some individuals are more equal than others. Controversially, he felt that the Federation should be solely governed by ethnic Gallenteans, and that all other citizens in the nation are simply guests.

Throughout his career, he led oppositin against President Foiritan, resisting him at every opportunity, and even standing against him in the elections of 108. His outspoken rivalry died down when the Empyrean War broke out in 110, however, being appointed as head of the new Black Eagles. The decision by Foiritan to be handed this role, many analysts suspect, is to give the impression that the SDII will serve its intended function (being the ousting of all corruption in the Federation, for one) without being an underhanded, personal tool for the executive.

While Blaque silently cooperated with Foiritan as head of the SDII during his time as Head Senator, he openly defied executive mandate by ordering Federal troops to stand down when the arms coalition resisted the invocation of the Hueromont Act. Apparently siding with Jacus Roden, he went on to serve in his joint position before ultimately giving up his Senate seat, and chose to solely focus on his role as SDII chief, remaining as so to this day.

Aulmont Meis[edit]

An ethnic Intaki and graduate of the Caille and Hedion universities, Aulmont Meis is the current Head of the Senate, being internally elected to the post soon after Blaque's resignation. He was previously chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and sometimes accused of being too willing to negotiate and closely associated with Foiritan's policies, although has been praised as a consensus-builder and moderate voice, exhibiting none of Blaque's contentiousness.[1]

Broyal Alserette[edit]

Alserette is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and was present at the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Jacus Roden, being the individual to swear him into office.

Anteson Ranchel[edit]

Grand Admiral Anteson Ranchel is the head of the Federation Navy, having risen from the post of Vice Admiral after the defection and desertion of Anvent Eturrer, previous naval chief-of-command. A capsuleer, Ranchel's position affords him many extravagant titles, including Master of the Fleet, Guardian of Luminaire and First Defender of the Federation.