Improvements to the F11 navigation panel (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Improvements to the F11 navigation panel
  • Raised by: TeaDaze
  • Submission Date: 02 May 2010
  • Issue ID: ???


The F11 navigation panel is of limited use other than the solar system map (when it is working) which helps with direction scanning.

Potential Solution[edit]

Hesperius has raised the following proposal and included this screen mock-up (if the image isn't showing it is also available on the CSM4 minutes site [1].

(flag icon) “Common Destinations” This basically takes places you have in your bookmarks and makes them easily accessible. Ideally users would setup their own groups, call them what they want and have as many drop downs as they want.

(planet arrow icon) “Current Route” This combines the information we have on the left with the information we can get from going to the star map.

(four bars icon) “_____ Solar System” Taking the only useful info from the map browser and moving it here.

(gradient outline ball icon) “Proximity” Focusing on the system you are in, gives you information about the system you are heading to and some additional information about adjacent systems.

Why? “Common Destinations” - Right people either use the note pad or their assets window for common destinations.

“Current Route” - If you have several systems to stop in, unless you are on autopilot you may skip right over them because the info on the left of our screens does not say when to stop. The best way to see the info is in the map/autopilot/way points tab. Even though you have your overview available, you can not see the space around you, and getting the sense of what is around you is even worse if you have a 'travel' overview setting.

Merging the map/autopilot/way points tab with the standard “autopilot” (navigation) info on the left into a specific tab would improve the clumsy feel we have now of getting that same information.

“Proximity” - All to often you have to find an alternate route. Sometimes you have to find it quickly and fumbling around menus is extremely frustrating. It is information that we already have it is just extremely difficult to get it all at once. The proximity window solves this. It gets most pilots who would need a navigation tab the info they want.

TeaDaze suggests that the standard autopilot list on the left hand side be retained as an option for people not wanting to have the F11 panel open all the time. Also the current solar system view functionality is needed for direction scannig and should be retained. It is is shown on the mockup but in a folded state


  • Better use of screen real estate
  • Reduces the need to use the F10 full screen map just to set autopilot options.
  • Configuration (or "foldable" sections) means no existing functionality is lost.


  • Instead of a stand alone change it might be better to roll this into a full UI overhaul.

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Meeting Minutes[edit]


Passed 7/0