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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Incursions were added to EVE Online on 18 January 2011 and went live 25 January 2011. Incursions are automated events in which the NPC faction known as the Sansha's Nation invade space in an attempt to conquer it for themselves. Capsuleers must fight off the Sansha NPC in order to return the contested space back into an area which can more safely occupied.

Incursions are generally considered a PvE feature but are also designed to encourage PvP. Incursions differ from previous PvE content in many ways, the most notable is their difficulty and their effects on the local space in which they take place.

Locating an Incursion[edit]

Incursions can take place anywhere in Known Space (read: not in Wormhole Space). There are several ways to locate Incursions within EVE including the use of your journal or through the in-game map.

Using the Journal[edit]

  • Open the journal neo-com
  • Select the Incursions tab from the first row of tabs
  • Select the locations tab from the second row of tabs

You can now sort the Incursions by the name of the constellation that they take place in, how many jumps away they are, and several other parameters.

Using the journal to locate an Incursion to participate in provides several advantages over using the map.

Using the in-game Map[edit]

  • Open the map by either pressing the map button on the neo-com or by pressing F10.
  • In the map preferences window display and then stars
  • Finally select Incursions

Fighting Back the Incursions[edit]

Each incursion features Sansha Influence, a parameter that affects capsuleer ships and the system as a whole. As capsuleers join forces and complete combat sites, this influence starts to wane. Eventually when influence reaches 0%, a mothership site will spawn. Completing it will halt the incursion and enable CONCORD LP payouts.

Combat sites are of significantly greater difficulty than Missions or Deadspace. Sansha will switch targets, focus fire and their ships' characteristics are par to capsuleers'. Therefore it is not possible to solo these sites, a full-fledged fleet with logistics support is required.

System effects[edit]

Once an incursion has started system wide effects cause all ships to have reduced shields, armor and capacitor. Once enough low level sites have been defeated system wide effects are reduced and harder sites are defeatable.

Combat sites and difficulty[edit]

Types of Sites[edit]

Scout < Vanguard < Assault < Headquarters < Mothership

Recommended Pilots[edit]

  • Scout: 5 Pilots
  • Vanguard: 10 Pilots
  • Assault: 20 Pilots
  • Headquarters: 40 Pilots
  • Flagship: 80 Pilots


Apart from exploration incursions are generally considered to have the highest K-space income. Combined with CONCORD LP they can bring >100M ISK/h to any experienced and well-organized fleet.

Incursions channel[edit]

Stay updated or join incursions fleets anywhere in the new eden join the "incursions" channel -