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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


From left to right, a Gallente Iteron Mark IV and Amarr Bestower class Industrial.

An industrial ship is a class of ship with a very large cargo bay, generally weak shields and armor, with few turret hardpoints.

Industrial Ships are designed to carry large volumes of cargo within their large holds. However, they are slow and fragile ships, leaving them vulnerable to attack. There is a wide variety of Industrials across the four races. The Gallente Iteron class ships are praised for their large cargoholds; the Iteron Mark V has the largest cargohold of all the Industrials, but also requires the most skills of any Industrial.

Some Industrials have better capacity to deal with threats than others, leaving some ships better at running the gauntlet than others with a chance of success.

The Industrial Ship's Tech II cousins are recommended for more dangerous trips into Low Security or 0.0 space. Blockade Runners are the candidate of choice for moving cargo through dangerous territory unscathed.

Choosing a T1 Industrial Ship[edit]

Although each race requires a different skill to pilot their industrial ships, the bonus given to both speed and cargo capacity is the same. The ship with the largest cargohold for skill levels I through III is the Bestower, so if a capsuleer did not intend on training their spaceship command industrial skill further, it might be most beneficial for them to train Amarr Industrial. Similarly if a capsuleer was willing to train their skill to IV, a Mammoth would have the largest capacity and they would probably want to train Minmatar Industrial; and if they were willing to train completely to V they could train Gallente Industrial for the Iteron Mark V. If a capsuleer has plans on using higher level tech 2 industrials and freighters, where they'll have to train a race's Industrial skill level to level V anyways, the Gallente ships are an excellent choice. The Iteron Mark V is by a landslide the best tech 1 industrial available, the Viator is the second best blockade runner based on cargo space and ability to fit warpcore stabilizers, and the Obelisk has the most EHP and the second largest hauling capacity of the tech 1 freighters, making it a very good choice. No other race has such a consistent set of high grade haulers across all of the tiers of ships.

Capacity Comparison of T1 Industrial Ships[edit]

All units of capacity are in m3. The highest capacity for each skill level is in bold.

Trained Skill Level: I II III IV V
Amarr's Sigil 16142 16911 17679 18448 19217
Amarr's Bestower 20257 21221 22186 23150 24115
Caldari's Badger 10708 11218 11728 12238 12748
Caldari's Badger Mark II 19032 19859 20687
Gallente's Iteron 7788 8159 8530 8901 9271
Gallente's Iteron Mark II 10199 10662 11126 11589
Gallente's Iteron Mark III 17672 18441 19209
Gallente's Iteron Mark IV 19859 20687
Gallente's Iteron Mark V 38433
Minmatar's Wreathe 8567 8975 9383 9791 10199
Minmatar's Hoarder 17684 18488 19292 20096
Minmatar's Mammoth 27129 28260

* Capacity measured with each ship fully fitted with Expanded Cargohold II and Medium Cargohold Optimization I modules.

More complete overview of industrials can be found in Cargo size