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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Ingame Events Menu
  • Raised by: Z0D, T'Amber
  • Submission Date: 2 Dec 2009
  • Issue ID: ???


May be revisited as part of improvements to EVE-Gate.


EVE is a player-driven game, and both the players and CCP often organize events. To allow players to advertize and learn of the events, an ingame system should be implemented which lists these events and provides calender funtionality so players can find something to do whenever they are logged in, and keep track of upcoming events.

'Extract from T'Amber's forum post:'


  • Manage and advertise your corp/ alliance ops and see if there are enough people online to make it worth while.
  • Check and see if anything's happening in your corp or alliance that you could participate in - automatically filtering out events that are running while you are offline, and events you aren't interested in.
  • Manage your corp ops, with an easy way of recording the successes and failures of your fleet commanders


  • Organise and advertise an event
  • Find out if anyone is interested in your event with feedback and registration
  • Find an event, that's relevant to how you play eve and when you play it
  • Proudly display and manage the results of your successful event
  • Tournament tree management and displays

People creating and managing Corp and Alliance Events would use this menu along with the new Fleet Finder Menu to organise their ops with little other work required.
Public and Open events that couldn't use the new Fleet Finder functions and that require alot of back end organisation (such as lotteries, races, tournaments, light shows) would be using this menu as a tool and not a complete package to organise their whole event; Programming functions and tools to cater for all event types would be alot of work although modules could be added later.

Example Modules for Later Development:

  • A new Event contract type for holding prizes which requires certain flags to open the contract to an event winner
  • A secondary wallet for the Event Op or for an Event that the public could view without any API details
  • Tournament Management. Tournament Tree Displays, match making, contract system to manage the tournament battles etc. I will explain this in detail with pictures when i have some time)
  • A secure random number generator

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On browser based option available in game via the IGB

Passes: 8/0