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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Instawarp - a technique to avoid low sec gate camps and hi sec suicide gate camps using an Improved cloaking device II. The following items are crucial for this trick to work:


A. When you activate gate and the session is changed you have 60 seconds of invisibility. Don't be in a hurry as misclicking can be lethal to your ship.
B. Select your destination in the overview (that is usually the next gate or a station; be sure you select it only, do not double-click)
C. Align to the destination (press "A")
D. Right after that activate your cloak. Be sure it's activated as you have to leave session change invisibility to be able to cloak a ship. If an error reports "Interference with ..." activate cloak again. Be sure not to deactivate it (because you wont be able to activate it again until after a cool down timer)
E. Immediately after that activate your MicroWarpdrive
F. Deactivate your MicroWarpdrive
G. Wait until the MicroWarpdrive cycle is close to the end
H. Deactivate cloak
I. Activate warp drive (press "S" or "D")

You are now in warp. Congratulations you have just gotten through a gate camp.

Why it works[edit]

Under normal circumstances you can't activate MicroWarpdrive while cloaked but you can during 2-3 seconds after initiating cloak. To enter warp instantly you need 75% of your max speed. Improved cloaking device II reduces your max speed to 25%; that is the reason you can't warp instantly from the cloak. A MicroWarpdrive increases you speed to 625%; that is almost enough to overcome the cloak's reduction.

Where you can use this[edit]

The most useful implementation of this technique is to transform a T1 industrial ship into T2 blockade runner. As T2 industrials have low cargo capacity and are expensive one should consider replacing them with a T1 instawarp enabled ship like an Iteron Mark V

Low slots:

Reactor Control Unit II x3 (or Reactor Control Unit I x5)

Mid slots:

Experimental 10MN MicroWarpdrive I (or any other MicroWarpdrive with power consumption 150 Wt)

High slots:

Improved cloaking device II

Skills required at V (to be able to fit a MicroWarpdrive):

Energy Grid Upgrdes

Skills recommended at V (to increase the cargo capacity):

Warp drive operation

More complex loadout is available here [1]

Be aware of[edit]

  • you can be targeted between steps C and D but that is true for any ship; even so, there is a very low chance for that (in the case of lag for example)
  • you can be uncloaked by an object (another ship or drone) that is 2000 m or closer to you. For that reason, at step A you want to sort your overview by distance and be sure that there is nothing closer than 4000 m to you, and if there is wait another 30 sec for it to go away
  • you can use this technique even in an Orca
  • it is recommended that you fit your cloak for "F1" slot and MicroWarpdrive for "F2" slot because if you fit MicroWarpdrive to "ALT+F1" and you want to activate it you could accidentally press "F1" instead and deactivate your cloak
  • you can use this technique for 0.0 sec gates (with a scout) but not camps as 0.0 sec camps use Mobile Warp Disruptors.
  • covert ops ships have a little advantage on 0.0 camps in that they don't uncloak when stopped by a Mobile Warp Disruptor unless there an object within 2000m. If you are stopped by a Mobile Warp Disruptor do not accelerate towards a gate or towards the outer part of the Mobile Warp Disruptor Bubble as camping dudes will guess your location there. Instead move towards and past the center of the bubble and then warp out from a safe distance.
  • this technique does not work for undocking from a station. Use undock spots instead to warp out instantly.

Undock spot[edit]

An undock spot is a spot located at least 500km away from a station and directly in front of the undocking side. To make it, use a fast ship with an Afterburner or MicroWarpdrive. Undock and don't press anything; wait for ~30 min to get far away so you can't be targeted by ships camping on the station. Bookmark that spot and use it immediately after undocking with any ship. As your speed upon undocking is higher than your max velocity you enter warp instantly.